Didn’t like the pizza here.

Last night, while these lines were being printed on paper, the Cuban team played their third game in the Classic. Forced to win so as not to die prematurely, he left the field still indigestible with Italian pizza.

Roughly speaking, Italy taught Cuba. And not in football, but also in baseball. As the times dictate, long before ball games were played, opportunities for study and strategy planning played out in offices.

Game after game, situation after situation, person after person. Everything carefully planned. That way, there was a specific formation for each batter, and pitching changes were accurate. Nothing left for improvisation or romantic guesswork. This also happened to the Netherlands and will certainly always happen. Will we do the same?

Starter Roenis Elias (5.0 INN, 2H, 3K and 1BB) went as far as he could with 65 pitches. He ended the game with a goalless draw, but it was still too early for the Moinelo-Raidel tandem.

Would you trust young José Ramón Rodriguez and Nikel Cruz so much, having people with more tools and experience for a situation like this? The handling of the bullpen in those thrilling innings jeopardized the result, as did a very poor offense.

Due to the confusing game, the Pinar del Río duo had to work outside of their natural frontman role and closer, urgent calls to the people at the base, and the efficiency was already different.

In the tenth, four-round, decisive blows package against Onelkis Garcia, our team was sent to intensive care in anticipation of a life-saving miracle.

In baseball these days, the combination of pitching and defending is strategic, and even more so if this is a team that was known from prep games to need high performance in those areas to ensure results, as the offense was showing no signs. performance.

The defensive formation introduced for this second game had two vulnerabilities: Yoennis Cespedes in left field and Lorenzo Quintana on the tack. And both gaps on the left were used by the opponents for a successful debut.

But the biggest culprit for the two early failures was the hit. Only 11 views for both days. The lack of suitable strikes continues, and in the midst of stress, the overuse of the tactic—more of a “drowning” than a rescue—of hitting the ball to advance runners. Opponents are happy to receive a third of every inning with this outdated game as a gift.

In the match against Italy, Erisbel Arrubarrena landed a pair of shots, with one of which she scored first and another momentarily equalized in the eighth. Two also went to Alfredo Despain’s account, but the rest still owed money, including Yoan Moncada, Luis Roberts Jr. and Quintana.

As in previous editions, the surprises started very early, in addition to two Cuban setbacks, Australia defeated Korea 8-7 and Panama beat Chinese Taipei (12-5) before selling their loss to the Netherlands dearly (1-3). ). ).

And the actions have not yet begun in the groupings of America, where pitched battles are also predicted.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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