Restless on both sides of the Pacific

The classic started on this side of the world where more than one surprise could happen, in fact it already started very hot and the other one, Cuba pulled out its ticket at dawn in the middle of two possible directions: quarter-final or comeback.

As we always said, his group was very even, and until the last day there was intrigue with possible unseen options. But since this is speculation at the time of this writing, let’s move on to the fact that they are a fait accompli.

In Group B, Japan was relentless. However, Korea is behind by a foot and a half for the third time in a row. It’s like a curse in a country that has the second best Asian league. Australia defeated them double meeting And that was the only “little thing” that didn’t work out before the start of the tournament. For less excitement, this was decided on the first day. That the samurai do not dominate undefeated is beyond calculation.

But in America it’s not like that. It is normal here that predictions do not come true. Colombia had already made Section B more difficult by tipping their hats off Mexico 5-4 in the deciding game, as is usually the case at close quarters: either by a home run or a mistake. It was the second, and the hand of the home ampaya who ended the collision with a blow that if he called the ball, no one would get angry. But the man seemed to be in a hurry, his reasons would be…

The coffee growers have left a good image in the 2017 edition and with this victory they are seriously putting forward their candidacy to enter the top eight. They have tough games ahead of them against Canada and the United States, but there’s no doubt that this success portends early tensions. And the UK?… Don’t lose your vigilance.

In Miami, home of the Death Group, Puerto Rico, silver in 2013 and 2017, had a quiet Saturday against Nicaragua (9-1). He has done his homework on what is probably the most comfortable game he is going to play in this vein.

And at night, in a duel of lions, Venezuela defeated the common favorite of the Dominican Republic with a score of 5-1. This result kindles a fire in the group, where they are going to play to the limit all the time for quotas for the quarterfinals.

About Cuba, whatever their next destination may be, the imagery of these days speaks of a group of boys who played like they had been playing together all their lives. They confirmed that baseball is a bridge, not a wall.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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