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East Closes and West Divides in Opening Tournament


16 participating teams have already passed half of the opening tournament of the 107th. The National Football League, after they completed the fourth of seven days last Saturday that this fair will split into two groups with very different realities.

In key B, corresponding to the east of the country, the situation is tight, like a diver’s suit. At the top are Los Diablos Rojos of Santiago de Cuba, who beat Sergio Alonso Grandal in Ciego de Ávila last Saturday 2-1 to score ten points, a number that little guarantees them at the moment. .

Very close to the indomitable are the groups of Holguin (9) and Guantanamo (4). Those from the city of parks continued their solid stride by beating Sancti Spíritus 2-0 while the Titanes failed to go from a tie to two with Camagüey but managed to add a small line that allowed them to stay on top. table .

Granma and Ciego de Ávila, both with six units, are waiting for the slightest miss from the top three to move up in position, while players from Sancti Spiritus, Camagüey – both with three stripes – and Las Tunas seem to have already moved out from the fight. .

In the West, the stairs seem much more divided. At the moment, everything indicates that the ticket to the final will be for Matanzas, the unbeaten leader (12), for Cienfuegos or Havana, each of which has a dozen units on the account.

From fourth to eighth, Pinar del Río (4), Artemisa (3), Isla de la Juventud (3), Mayabeque (1) and Villa Clara (0) are fighting a very hard fight to make a difference, especially since they don’t they depend on themselves to do it.

On the next day, the fifth day of the Opening, fights will be held between Artemisa-Villa Clara, Matanzas-Havana, Mayabeque-Pinar del Rio, Isla de la Juventud-Cienfuegos, Granma-Ciego de Avila, Santiago de -Cuba-Las Tunas, Holguin Camagüey and Sancti Spiritus-Guantanamo.

Date 4 results:

Group A:

Camilo Cienfuegos, Zulueta// VCL 0-MTZ 4 (Alejandro Moreno 34, Yasniel Martinez 45, Kelvin Castellanos 67 and Yadirsdon Pompa 88)

La Polar// LHA 2-ART 1 (Osval de Jesus, 36 and José Pérez Oquendo, 60/Luyuan Noda, 79)

Nancy Uranga University // PRI 0-CFG 2 (Reinier Cerdeira 17 and Daniel Fuentes Castillo 37)

Nelson Fernandez// 0 MAY – 1 PNE (Yoandir Puga 11)

Group B:

Sergio Alfonso Grandal// CAV 1-SCU 2 (Ioan C. Casola 11/ Yasmani Ferrau 43 and Eduardo Hernandez 89)

Ovidio Torres, Manati// LTU 1-GRA 2 (Dario Pons 83/ Ruslan Batista 7, 45+2)

Amador Fernandez// CMG 2-GTM 2 (Keylor James Gonzalez, 27 and Manuel Cruz, 53/ Alexei Suaznabar, 45+1, 67)

Turcios Lima // HOL 2-SSP 0 (Yorlan Duboi 48 and Christian Valiente 87)

Position table:

Group A: Matanzas (12), Cienfuegos (10), Havana (10), Pinar del Rio (4), Artemisa (3), Isla de la Juventud (3), Mayabeque (1) and Villa Clara (0) ).

Group B: Santiago de Cuba (10), Holguin (9), Guantanamo (7), Granma (6), Sancti Spiritus (3), Camaguey (3) and Las Tunas (1).

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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