Capitalinos could win the title

After Capitalinos scored one of their 12 Major League Basketball (LSB) wins this season, on the small court of the Ramon Fonst Multi-Purpose Hall, each of its members approached the opponents’ bench to greet them respectfully. After the deference was over, I had the opportunity to speak, albeit briefly as he is an athlete with little dialogue, with the talented Daniel Babastro of Matanzas, a complete addition to Havana’s squad from the first day of the competition.

He is one of 16 non-combat players from other provinces who were asked by the eight competing teams during a technical conference to protect their payrolls. Babastro stated that rebellious youth that the group led by Reinier Muñiz welcomed him as another member from the beginning and he tried to reciprocate, although he has not yet been able to fully adapt to the routine and has not been able to reach his full potential, but that it is that he is not so strong worried and confident that he can earn a place in the starting five.

“I think Capitalinos will be in the top four teams of the tournament and then I think he can win the title,” the insider said with reasonable confidence.

Over two meters Cash played basketball in Vietnam in the 2022 season, hired through the Cuban Sports Federation. There he played for the Cantho Catfish club, always in 3v3 mode. Santiago point guard Luis Amaury Bueno and Villa Clara coach Leonardo Perez, first-team members of the Vietnam Basketball Association, also belonged to the organization’s discipline.

“The manager of the club came to Cuba with the intention of hiring Marcos Chacón from the capital and Yoel Cubilho from Villa Clara, but he could not make agreements because they were supposed to be with the national team in the windows before the World Cup. Then Professor Eduardo Moya, technical director of the Antilles team, chose me.

“From the first moment I knew that I would play 3v3 there, although there was a possibility that I could be in 5v5. At first I started weakly, but then I picked up speed in competitions at a level where there are foreigners. Coinciding with Leonardo allowed me to learn a lot from him, he was always waiting for me to see the details and technical elements of each fight,” recalled the 20-year-old, who took the opportunity to call on his teammates Matanzas to do individual preparation for the next National tournament. promotion.

The league is in the middle

Major League Basketball has completed half of its regular season and in the men’s tournament Santiago de Cuba remains at the top with a 13-1 record, followed by Capitalinos (12-2), Villa Clara (9-5), Ciego Avila. (6-8), Mayabeque (6-8), Artemis (5-9), Sancti Spiritus (4-10) and Las Tunas (1-13). For its part, in the women’s competition, the Santiago team (9-1) also takes first place, accompanied by Guantanameras (8-2), Avileñas (7-3), Yayaberas (6-4), Camagueyanas (5-5). , from the capital (5-5), from Pinar del Rio (0-10) and from Villa Clara (0-10).

As of now, All-Star Game related activities (and their respective skill tests) started yesterday for both genders, again based in Ciego de Avila. At the end there was a meeting of women’s groups, and this Wednesday there will be a match in the men’s section.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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