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After a crazy finish in Chinese Taipei, Cuba will start playing Australia this Wednesday, whose starter Steven Kent does not have a large pedigree, but Be careful, this can be a strategy for the first two innings and fall behind the best of the best. bullpen in sequence.

Cuba will start with Jariel Rodriguez, with a great start in the first leg of the Classic, and they also have a relay team ready, including Miguel Romero, the one who did the best in the group stage; Onelkis Garcia, who in tense moments took center stage in the box and on the bench, and the Moynelo-Raidel tandem.

There were expectations with Andy Ibanez’s possible entry into arrangementbut a Detroit Tigers player was called by his organization to evaluate an injury to one of his fingers in the United States.

Ibanez won’t be there, but he left good messages for the team, and in exclusive statements to LP special envoy John Diaz, he said it’s unlikely he’ll join Miami if the team moves forward. However, “I will support them, it was a great experience meeting the coaches I had in Cuba and former teammates. I really enjoyed being here, and if there is another call, I think so, I would join, I am Cuban.

In the final showdown for a spot in the majestic Tokyo Dome, the Japanese team will reach their fifth straight semi-final tomorrow. They are going to repeat what they have always done: to be in the top four. It doesn’t look like amazing Italy can beat the unsurpassed record of the samurai, who bravely prepared to climb the podium.

In America, only Venezuela remains invincible. On Tuesday, the dark-haired took their third win in the fearsome Section D 4-1 over Nicaragua and are the virtual leaders of the so-called group of death. They have already played against the most prestigious opponents, and now the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico will play each other today for second place in the quarterfinals.

The Puerto Ricans went down in classic history as the first team to bet on the perfect game. Israel was the victim, and it is curious that the feat was accomplished between four jars. Of these, the opener and winner J. De Leon was in a dream at night (5.1 INN, 10K).

Forecasts pointed to meringue as the leader of the quintet, but red wines switched roles on Sunday 5-1, and now they are the main characters. It’s too early to say goodbye between the champion of 2013 and the runner-up of the same year and 2017.

From the way things are going, C could be, like Cuba, a group with a heart attack ending. The current king of the United States was defeated by Mexico, but the mariachi fell against Colombia and the coffee growers were unable to defeat British tea. And as if that wasn’t enough, Canada defeated the Colombians 5-0 yesterday.

So it’s best to keep enjoying the Clasico and not make any more predictions. There have been enough outs in key swings these days.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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