there are six survivors

While their opponent is determined on Saturday, the Cuban national team players are returning to normal life after more than a month on the opposite side of the world, where they lived half a day “in front of” us.

Shortly after the conclusion of the quarter-final match, they flew to Miami, the venue for the last phase of the 5th tournament. World Baseball Classic, whose big surprises included the elimination of the Dominican Republic, whose roster placed them among the title contenders.

But the 2013 monarchs were placed in the death group along with Puerto Rico and Venezuela. No one doubted that the top secret would come out of this trio, since Israel and Nicaragua would not resist.

Almost all predictions gave the Dominicans the leaders, and the predictions were divided between Boricuas and Morojo for the role of chaperones, but a riot arose among the subordinates, and the one who said goodbye to the quarterfinals was the one who seemed destined to go to the final. lead.

From tomorrow’s duel between Venezuela and United States, runners-up in Grid C, opponent Team Asere will emerge a day later in the tournament’s first semi-final.

They have faced the Northerners and Venezuelans four times in the classics, with two wins for each side, and it will certainly be a game to the full stands at LoanDeport Park in Miami. Too many stars together, albeit in different forms.

In the past few hours, Venezuelan coach Omar Lopez clarified that negotiations with the Detroit Tigers management allowed Miguel Cabrera to play without restrictions after there were signs of a limitation on his moves at bat, but they could not avoid being told by management. pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez: “You don’t work anymore,” so he’s ready to pitch at the start of the MLB season.

In the other quarter-final matchup, the protagonists will be Mexico, the only one of the six survivors that has never been in the fair’s big four, and Puerto Rico, who won silver in the 2013 and 2017 editions.

The only time they’ve faced each other, Rubio’s team came out victorious, and now, leaving the Dominicans aside, they’re motivated by heaven. The sad news is that their close friend Edwin Diaz was injured while they were celebrating a victory over the Dominicans, and reports are not encouraging: he could miss the entire Major League season.

However, the Aztecs are arriving inspired after leading their group, led by Cuban Randy Arozarena, who lost his grip as he went 14-7 – with nine RBIs – to become the top producer of off-base hits in the tournament. (6).

Whereas Cuba and Japan, which maintained their undefeated record by beating Italy 9-3 in the quarter-finals this Thursday, are looking forward to the “hours back” and with the same dream of repeating the 2006 final.

We have to get used to the fact that almost everything is possible in the classics, so “don’t be surprised by anything.”

And this Thursday, it was revealed that the National Series will begin on March 29, not March 22 as planned, to highlight the performance of the Cuban team in the Classics, including the salute to the actors, according to a note from the Commission. National baseball.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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