Giraldilla returns

The Giraldilla de la Gabana International Badminton Tournament was last held in 2019, and only this year the competition, which previously included athletes from different countries, some of which had a good level, could be resumed. Yesterday the new edition started at the Coliseo de la Ciudad Deportiva in Havana with the participation of representatives from England, Peru, Israel, Indonesia, Jamaica, USA, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Croatia, Canada, Ecuador and our country.

Cuba is the country with the most entries in all events with over 20 athletes and a look at the men’s and women’s rosters confirms a big update led by Yaley Ortiz, a rebuilt Taimara Oropesa and Roberto Carlos Herrera.

in dialogue with rebellious youth, Orlando Cala, national discipline commissioner for several months, said that this competition allows members of the Cuban preselection and athletes with prospects to meet opponents from other countries with extensive experience in international fairs. He added that this is the first important training moment for our national teams as the last competition they participated in was the Youth Pan American Games in Cali between November and December 2021.

In the absence of those same stars Osleny Guerrero, Leodannis Martinez and Thalia Mengana, who left the island team in 2022, in Mexico, Cala recognized the inevitable renewal of the ranks, which have an average age of 21 years. It celebrated the return of Oropeza from Holguin, a well-known figure in the area with medals in multi-sport competitions, who is a mainstay for the rest of the members, the vast majority of whom have little experience working abroad.

The chief also highlighted the presence of Yaley and Roberto Carlos, the only ones other than Taimara to attend events off the island; Juan Carlos Bencomo, an 18-year-old with excellent physique, about two meters tall, and Leyanis Contreras, a woman from Cienfuegos with great potential for use in doubles.

“Before the launch of Giraldilla, we had forecasts, but after seeing what happened this Thursday, on the first date, I think we will exceed our forecasts. The biggest hopes are in the women’s doubles and mixed doubles, as well as what Eili and Taimara could advance, who had little time to prepare after their return, and I believe they put on an amazing performance in singles, even though that they lost. Overall, I believe that progress has been made despite setbacks and a lack of resources and training.

“The visiting countries are satisfied with the organization and from now on we invite them to the 2024 event, we want to add more countries and participants and thus gain the prestige that is typical for this event. We will offer to make the best call by all means, from Cubadeportes to different embassies in Cuba,” explained, who was a coach in the Dominican Republic for several years.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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