Floro and 5th. Classical

It would be sacrilege not to talk about baseball this Sunday, when so many Cubans are looking forward to the 7:00 p.m. game for a ticket to the final on the 5th. Baseball classic. Our team, unexpectedly for many, is enrolled in this match and, not reaching the excessive triumphalism usual for us, anything could happen, although we are not favorites, but as you know: the ball is round and goes into a square box. .

Floro, who is always up to date with all sports and cultural events, sent me his assessment of the great event of this sport, which we call the national pastime:

“Dear friend of JAPE, I want you to know that although I made a promise to myself not to see baseball again due to my pressure and the great displeasure that I have had recently in the games in which our team participated internationally , I couldn’t resist the temptation and national pride, and I set the alarm for early morning again, and I turned on my TV, yes, very quietly, so as not to
disturbing the neighbors and my wife who only loses hours of sleep when it comes to Turkish romance.

“In fact, the passage of Cuba through the 5th. The classic was like a good script for a series that goes on. crescendo, preserving for each chapter the strongest emotions, after an uncertain start. Not only did I enjoy the games that Cuba participated in, and this is also important to emphasize, because it was a gift of emotion in every sense and for all the fans in the world.

“I think that our team, besides what it has won and shown on the field so far, has won the biggest victory, which should return to the hearts of its fans. Patenting the common sense of forming a team involving Cubans playing in different leagues, including MLB, a strategy that, like many others, failed due to a bad start, and we already know how much we tend to mix oil and vinegar and not for a salad.

“In addition to the specifics and theme of the Cuban national team, we once again have the opportunity to enjoy the great show that baseball means at the highest level and which is made exclusively for us in our x or y sports broadcasts. That’s when it occurs to me to suggest, given that we’re already specialists in the mathematics applied to baseball, if we could solve these variables in the equations contained in the sports grid on our TV and get a solution that includes more and more baseball on our small screens… and not-so-small ones, so as not to exclude those with oversized flat receivers.

“Finally, dear brother, I would like you to dispel my doubts: is it true that there are leaks in the Tokyo Domo indoor stadium? Would it not be possible to cover some of our stadiums to avoid the terrible sun that our athletes are exposed to in the National Series and other matches?

Dear Floro, I share with you all that you raised before and the deep sense of belonging that was returned to our fanatical hearts after the performance of the aptly named Team Asere. Regarding your constructive doubts, let me remind you that it is not only about putting a few zinc sheets on our stadiums at a considerable height, which will also cause an inevitable microwave effect. We are talking about big investments in technology, air conditioning and lighting, access to which we do not even dream of. I don’t know if this is true about the Tokyo Dome leaks; However, I make a simple calculation: if I was unable to solve the problem of leaks in my house due to the high cost of building materials, including stone dust, which naturally occurs in our quarries, then imagine for yourself. were completely closed and leaking. Let’s hope, if true, that the Japanese colleagues can renovate their impressive indoor stadium with the money they earned from the 5th celebration. Classical.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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