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A dream that doesn’t fit in nine innings


Returning to the World Baseball Classic semi-finals 17 years later is not an end in itself. Fans, hungry for success in their national sport, praise the result, which 16 out of 20 competing teams did not achieve, but are unhappy.

Photo: Luis Jiménez Echevarria/ACN

And how good. The dream, as President Miguel Diaz-Canel said when accepting them, starts now. Cuba vibrated, hit, knocked out, left the game and still suffered and applauded. They relate to hugs and bows. Then strategies for new times will come.

Team Asere has confirmed that the best of our national tournaments can be combined with the big leagues. They fit the same costume and with the same passions. Everyone’s team. Because there is a hobby that does not understand geographical distances or other possible differences, and when it comes to baseball, they play between the same two white stripes.

Many people took to the streets to give their love to the players who raised our name. Photo. Calixto N. Llanes / Jeet

Members of Team Asere display the bats they received as a gift upon arrival in the country. Photo: Calixto N. Llanes/Jit

There are others who exclude themselves and are going to put on someone else’s uniform in a foreign language. On the contrary, they applaud and shout against those who until yesterday were their brothers. They are haters who end up destroying and respecting whoever subdues them. The same steamroller they use for their taunts then runs over them.

Alfredo Despain and Nolan Arenado, a northern Cuban athlete, posed after the game as a sign of respect between the two teams. Photo: Guillermo Rodriguez/Radio Rebelde

This Cuba began to walk. They can neither boast of the shocking victory that took them to the big four, nor intimidate the wall that the American team has become in the semi-finals.

These four letters have touched millions of people in recent weeks.

Even the incessant rain did not prevent people from coming this Sunday to watch the game in different parts of the city.

The joy and immediacy of the fans was one of the outstanding notes in the Cuba Clasico reception.

The popular hashtag that went viral on social media was also featured on Ciudad Deportiva.

Young people looked for their idols to keep the memory of this great moment alive. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre

Reality is challenging; but a dream, possible and golden, deserves to be challenged. Team Acere, the hero of today, should always be a compass and a source of inspiration. Cuba lived on the baseball field again. Let’s not let this game end in nine innings.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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