Cuban football team defeats Barbados and close to double goal

The Cuban football team (m) scored a very important victory last Thursday night in the Concacacaf Nations League (CNL), winning 1-0 over Barbados and scoring 12 points, making it practically the A league B leader of this tournament.

At Wilde Turf in the Barbados capital, Pinar del Río’s Michel Reyes gave Leones del Caribe the lead in the 3rd minute, chasing a ball that hit him from the left from an interrupted shot by Luis Paradela.

However, at 33, alarms sounded when Yosel Piedra received a second yellow card of the match and was sent off, leaving Pablo Elier Sánchez’s students with a very long game ahead of them.

However, the squad from the Greater Antilles was able to resist their rivals and keep the result, which, combined with the defeat of Guadeloupe from Antigua and Barbuda (1: 0), practically ensured their presence in the next League A of the 2023-2024 season. as well as a ticket for the 2023 Gold Cup.

In the absence of the last match of the tournament, which the islanders will play next Sunday at the Antonio Maceo Stadium in Santiago de Cuba against the Guadelupeans, there are only two possibilities for their dual goal to be thwarted.

The first formula for defeat is that Guadalupe beat us by more than four goals. The second possibility is that we are losing on some other marker, and those from Antigua have scandalously defeated the Barbadians. Be that as it may, it seems impossible that either of the two combinations could have occurred.

Here’s how Cuba lined up: (1) Sandy Sanchez, (15) Junior Y. Perez, (4) Carlos Vazquez, (6) Yocel Piedra, (5) Dariel Morejon, (20) Dayron Reyes, (14) Carel Espino , (8) Willian Pozo, (9) Mykel Reyes and (23) Luis Paradela.

Subs: (15) Greibel Palma for D. Reyes; (22) Denilson Milanes by V. Pozo; (19) Neisser Sando by M. Reyes; (3) Mario Peñalver D. Morejona; (17) Daniel Diaz, Y. Matos.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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