Tennis players shine in Guyana

Andy Pereira’s gold medal was probably the most positive moment for Cuba in the Caribbean Table Tennis Championships 2023. The event, which is held in the city of Georgetown, Guyana, also crowned the event in the individual modality. young Daniela Fonseca from Matanzas.

Both have expanded the Creole crop in Caribbean lands in search of places provided by the tournament for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in 2023. Pereira, who returned to the competitive arena after a period of absence, overcame the initial challenges of the organizational structure to Glen Carrasco of the Dominican Republic, Tyrese Knight of Barbados and Oscar Birriel of Puerto Rico without much setback. In the final, he crushed Daniel Gonzalez, also from Isla del Encanto, 4-0.

In the case of Fonseca, by far the main hope of the sport in the country thanks to her talent and youth, she defeated Chloe Fraser from Trinidad, Yaciris Ortiz from the Dominican Republic, Brianna Burgos from Puerto Rico and in the final 4-0 against the Dominican Shari Muñoz.

In doubles, both Andy and Fonseca also climbed to the first step of the podium, a habanero with Jorge Moises Campos and a woman from Matanzas in a powerful duet with Idalis Lovet.

However, the day before, the team group stage started in Georgetown, which will be a real test for the Cubans, as it gives places to Santiago 2023, the main goal of tennis players from the Greater Antilles in Guyanese lands.

In this modality, Andy and Daniela should be the figures who advance the future of Creole aspirations in order to guarantee a presence at a regional multi-sport event.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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