We will think big

Felicio Garcia recently got a lot of joy. The news that he would once again command the Holguin Cubs in the National Series filled him with joy and rekindled his drive to succeed.

This 62nd edition of the domestic classic, which has just begun, is the second cycle of the strategist in Holguin’s dugout after he took it in the 51st campaign (2011-2012), when his team finished twelfth (44 successes and 52 failures). ).

He spent several years gaining experience, many along with Professor Hector “Tico” Hernandez, who told him that at some point he would have to become a director again.

“Together with him, I can assure you that I went through management school. The provincial commissioner, Leonardo Paris, spoke to me and I decided to return, ”admitted the mentor exclusively for Juventud Rebelde.

A coach on several Northeast series, including the historic 41 (2002), Garcia was the first former player in the pack to later become its leader. Also, as a player, he has surpassed a decade of seasons, 11 in total, batting a respectable .282 and defending right field regularly.

“I will face what comes with nobility, giving the best I can with my teammates. We had a short preparatory period, during which the volume of activities was completed by 90 percent. It is true that the amount of resources was not needed, but the group dynamics flowed. Enthusiasm is noticeable, this is an important factor in the desire to get into the postseason again. And if we add cohesion and discipline to this, then the result should come out, ”he explained.

For this tournament, Holguin does not have several participants from last season. Notable among those absent are Jason Pacheco, Laindel Leyva and Maykel Caceres, all valuable athletes. However, Felicio noted that it has talented young people and others whose shortcomings will have to be eradicated.

“Those who are recruited show perseverance and interest. We have thought about strengthening this area by adding Adriel Echevarria, Luis Raul Dominguez, Ernesto Torres and Richard Oliva, who have demonstrated defensive versatility,” he said.

The pitch, which is very similar to the pitch of the past few seasons, should strengthen the team, the manager said, as there are still pitchers who have participated in several island championships and were in the first elite league.

“Remarkable is the loss of Franklin Aballe, a wide receiver who knows how to lead pitchers and is very smart. Its technical characteristics will be missed. Our pitchers will have to focus more on Orelvis Ávila, the coach, who will also face another scheduling problem because we will play 10 games in nine days, so there could be up to six pitchers in the starting rotation. At this stage, he pitches every other day, focusing on closes, setsters and long catchers to better fulfill his roles in a busy schedule. With the wisdom of Orelvis, this department can be a joy.”

Garcia has collaborated in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on several stages and was recently one of the assistants to “Tico” Hernandez as a bench coach with Cafetaleros of the Elite League. So professional demands are placed on him again.

“In Cuba, they like to play in front of an audience that respects and supports them, like the one that gathers at the Calixto Garcia stadium. We commit ourselves to see this object complete again. On the street, people jokingly tell me that they don’t know whether to congratulate me or express condolences.

“But we will continue to think big, knowing what we have, with men who will take the field to win. This time we have 11 newcomers who we will give opportunities without prejudice to the result. We confirm that we are working to reach the playoffs, we will not give up on this dream, ”Garcia concluded.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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