Full belly happy heart?

With rosters already changing very early on, the National Series won’t have a lot of quality in play, but it looks like there will be competition for eight spots in the postseason.

With the trend to always welcome contracts in as many leagues as possible, and now with the best under-23 players leaving for training ahead of games in Alba, which is a long way off, rosters are undergoing adjustments and games are suffering.

The start of the second sub-series, which will last five days – this time without a doubleheader – has fattened the belly of the position table most of all, where 12 equal teams appear with a balance of 3-3.

Only Las Tunas, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Artemisa escape from this detachment; the first two are in front in order with a balance of 4-2, and the other pair in the background with the same numbers but in reverse order.

In a day rife with attacks, the Legnadores beat the Caçadores 15-5. Yosvani Alarcón and Manuel Ávila scored three tries each, with Alejandro Meneses (5.0 INN, 3CL, 5H, 1K and 2BB) marking the success.

The victory leveled them with Villa Clara, the victim of Ciego de Avila 6-1, which was the first victory of the new Jonathan Lopez in life (6.0 INN, 1CL, 6H, 3K and 4BB).

Industriales and Sancti Spiritus also remained on the same team, one spot behind the leaders after Gallos sang high Latin style with Junior Ibarra’s home run in ninth when there were two people on the track.

Vegueros de Pinar del Río was another player who hit the middle pocket after beating one of his historical opponents, Santiago de Cuba, with a five-lap package in Chapter Nine topped by two full sticks from Frank Gonzalez and William Saavedra. The indomitable Osdey Silva hit two home runs and became the first to hit four home runs.

Granma, who had just lost three in a row, defeated Mayabeke (14-6) in a game of 32 hits, four errors and 16 walks, one of which was deliberate. Guillermo Aviles and Yobani Millan, both 3-for-5, were in the top three runners for rubber respectively, while Alexander Pozo was in the top five but lost.

Piratas de La Isla took the lead in their match against Guantanamo Bay 6-4 with a win by Jonathan Carbo (6.0INN, 4H, 4K and 4BB) and a save by Franklin Quintana (2.1 INN, 3CL, 5H, 3K).

Cienfuegos turned the tally in Game 8 thanks to a tuba by Joasnier Pérez who cleared loaded bases and Armando Berovides already has a win on his historic record. With this victory, the Elephants remain in the rear, but very close to the rest.

As host, Holguin left runners-up Matanzas on the field 2-1. In that clash, Wilson Paredes did an unusual nine-inning job (1CL, 4H, 1K and 1BB) and was left without a decision as the Cubs ended the game in an extra inning. His opponent, Renner Rivero, also started well (6.0 INN, 3H, 6K and 4BB).

This is how the whole season is predicted, closed and with more and more new names in the composition. A good warm-up for the mind, as if he were a teacher who constantly changes classes.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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