Sunrise in Varadero and running in Kenya

In five years of history and four editions, today the Varadero International Marathon has a runner who has extended his reign to two years. He first won in 2022, then crossed the line in first place in 2023. You might think that this is an African athlete, but no. Francisco Ronnie Estevez is a Cuban, specifically from the municipality of Mayabeque in Bejucala, and this Sunday he again became the winner of the half marathon held in the popular resort of Matanzas, with a record of 1:08.33 hours.

Estevez testified rebellious youth that the new start time of this version, set at 5 am, helped him a lot in all aspects, and his time was the best test since the reduction in the time achieved in 2022 by almost two minutes. Every race is satisfying, he said. I liked the year because of the rivalry with the Spaniard Bruno Villazon, and this year I competed with several high-level Cubans with outstanding careers.

“My coach Angel Rodriguez has a lot of merit in these two titles, he is a great coach with whom he allows himself to improve his grades and grow as a person. It is based mainly on racing strategies, on training that is always there. For our entire team, Angel is very important, he is admired even by people who are not athletes. There was a very high level in this competition and his way of telling us that we have to fight to win was very sweet in terms of friendship. He knows how to handle every aspect of an athlete.

“Thank God, my career is going through a good moment, and it has a lot to do with it. I also want to note, as in the previous issue, that my little dog Star, who continues to train with me, is doing very well and continues to love the race,” Francisco Ronni smiled.

The 25-year-old runner is due to travel to Kenya this Wednesday to complete a little over a month of training with his coach and teammates Yumisleides Mestre and Dairan Suarez. He was very grateful to all the people who contributed to this opportunity in a country that has produced so many successful marathon runners. He felt that this could represent a very valuable learning option for his trainer and for them it would be an experience that could make a big difference.

“My stay in Kenya will help me go to the Central American and Caribbean Games, to San Salvador, to give it my all. Athletes should dream of results, so I will try very hard. I would like to master the 21 kilometer (km) a little more, I notice that I have a few more races to go before my first marathon. One of the Ethiopians who ran 42 km in Varadero has one hour and two minutes for 21 km, I want to reach such a mark to make my debut in the most difficult tests. I already have 1:04.18 hours in Spain,” he concluded.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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