Return from the bowels of disappointment

If the death of three important figures in 2022 was a very heavy blow to the national badminton team, the return of Taimara Oropeza from Holguin to this team after more than three years of petitioning for her release was a relief. Her return to official competition came at the last international Giraldilla held a few days ago at Ciudad Deportiva, where she narrowly lost her singles debut to win the women’s doubles title, accompanied by Yayli Ortiz. .

The 27-year-old athlete spoke with Jr and revealed that after leaving the Antillean team in 2019, he only continued to work physically because he was ending his collegiate career and there was nowhere for him to play his sport. However, he never gave up on the idea of ​​returning.

In January 2023, he had a conversation with the current National Commissioner, Orlando Cala, and already on the 15th of the same month, he began to prepare, and then went to Pinar del Rio to join the senior team.

“One of the reasons I asked to leave was the people who were doing badminton at the time. The fact that despite the fact that I had the opportunity to participate in Tokyo 2020, they decided to give priority to Donkey Guerrero was of great importance. Then, when the rating came out, there were players behind me in the rating, that is, I could get my place.

“I was very disappointed, but I decided to wait and was able to return to my sport. It’s been a long time since the pandemic came and I never stopped training with my dream as a goal.

The multiple Central American and Caribbean Games (JCC) medalist considers her strength to be her individual approach, although in her last competition she failed to make it through the first match after losing to Peruvian Rafaela Munar by 19–21 and 19-21. He conscientiously prepared to reach the final, but he believes that the desire to play after a long time has taken its toll.

At the end of April, Jamaica will host the individual Pan American Championships, and there will be a woman from Holguin. Subsequently, there is a possibility that they will attend a regional event in San Salvador, since Cuba has secured tickets for both genders, so there will be a pre-event check to determine who will attend.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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