Leopards wearing boss patches

The Leopardos de Villa Clara had the best record in the first sub-series, and with a balance of four wins in five outings, they lead the team in the recently released National Baseball Series.

This Saturday, the wards of Ramon More completed a double meeting against Elefantes de Cienfuegos with a score of 3:2. Striker Yasmani Hernandez added a flawless third (3.0 INN, 1H, 1K) to his second win after a quality start by Raidel Alfonso (6.0, INN 2CL, 7H, 4K and 2BB).

It was the only game played flawlessly on defense and the game with the least offensive performance of the day, the fourth straight game with a doubleheader on, which put the pitchers on the edge.

On Saturday, five sub-series gathered, among them one with the participation of the finalists of the last two years. In this fifth clash, Matanzas scored a third victory over Granma (9-4) with a good start from Denis Quesada (6.0, INN 2CL, 3H, 2K and 3BB).

In a clash of extremes, Guantanamo defeated Pinar del Rio 5-4 with the first save for international player Yeudis Reyes (2.0 INN, 2H, 2K and 2BB).

Santiago de Cuba also outperformed Cacadores de Artemis (12-7) in a four-home run clash, scoring waiter Daciel Sevila (4-3, 4CI) and a second victory for Long Runner Yoandri Montero (5.0 INN) . , 4cl, 6n).

Las Tunas was another player to tip the first sub-series in their favor, securing an 8-4 victory over La Isla on Saturday thanks to a productive performance from Danel Castro, who this week became the first Cuban player with 29 national series to tie 5 -4. 3, including his 246 All-Purpose All-Purpose Stick and two trailers.

In the Spiritus Roosters fence, Toros Marino Luis was thrown at bat, led by Leonel Moas, 6-4, five pushed by Yordanis Samon and three by Leslie Anderson, and dominated 16-5 in a farewell clash between both sets.

The Avilan Tigers, already with sub-streaks against, made up the balance against the Industriales with a six-round package in the sixth inning when Osvaldo Vazquez, 5–3 that day, rocked a grand slam.

Vladimir Garcia, returning to his role as a matador, got two last outs and made 75 lifetime saves, ranking second among active behind the historic José Ángel Garcia (288).

And Holguin also scored his second victory in farewell to Mayabeke. They closed the game in the fourth leg when Ernesto Torres made a triple with the bases loaded and Michel Cabrera signed the second block with a tight work (3.2 INN, 2H, 3K).

Wearing a Huracanes jersey, this land’s son, Raudelyn Legra, hit a home run, losing for the second time in the campaign and, curiously, in the same park where he spent most of his life as a baseball player.

Today is transfer day, and on Monday the campaign will resume with bouts between SSP-IND, CAV-VCL, CFG-CMG, ART-LTU, MTZ-HOL, MAY-GRA, PRI-SCU, IJV-GTM.

Position table: ON (4-1), SKU, LTU, MTZ, MAY, CMG, HOL, IND (3-2); IJV, HOL, CAV, ART, GRA, PRI, SSP (2-3); CFG (1-4).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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