Cuba is attending the ALBA Games in Venezuela with a versatile baseball team.

Cuba will present a team of young talents at the 5th ALBA Baseball Tournament Venezuela 2023, whose main characteristic is the versatility of playing positions, said its manager Yosvani Aragon.

The former national team star pitcher and now in charge of Cuban baseball’s under-23 development, explained that the group is made up of players who can play in the outfield as well as in the box, and some can even take as a catcher. .

It will be a short and tight tournament with 20 players, so the coaches have tended to prepare a squad that is dominated by versatility to withstand any contingency as the competition develops, Aragon explained.

The event, also known as the Friendship Games, will take place from 21 to 29 April in three locations: Caracas, Miranda and La Guaira. In the latter, the baseball fair will be held from 22 to 26.

The Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro saved this multi-sport event after 12 years of inactivity in order to preserve the fundamental dream of solidarity, cooperation and integration among peoples.

Four under-23 teams will compete for medals in the baseball tournament at the beautiful La Guaira Forum; In addition to Cuba, the main team of Venezuela, Nicaragua and the team of Venezuela B will take part.

The Cuban federation of this discipline reported that the team is currently training in Moron, in the central province of Ciego de Avila, under the leadership of Julio Cesar Alvarez. As part of the preparation, he will play several games with the Russian team, which will visit the island.

It consists of two catchers, five infielders, the same number of outfielders and eight pitchers, including athletes with under-23 experience in the continental and world championships, joined by catcher Andris Peres, who participated in the recent 5th World Baseball Championship. Classic. .

Receivers: Andris Perez Garcia and Leonardo Montero Alfonso. Infielders: Yasel Perez Acosta, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez Gonzalez, Christian Leandro Rodriguez Garcia, Heifer Rodriguez Hernandez and Adrian Jesus Perez Garcia. Outfielders: Carlos Alberto Monier Torres, Darian Palma Fonseca, Dani de Jesus Oramas Navarro, Daniel de Jesus Gonzalez Gray and Dairon Montalvo Castillo.

Pitchers: Alex Guerra Garce, Alexander Valiente Rodriguez, Enier Fernandez Favier, Dorbis Lornet Navarro Queralta, Randy Cueto Perez, Marlon Vega Travieso, Jose Ignacio Bermudez Garcia and Luis Alejandro Serpa Socarras, according to PL. Directed by: Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez with assistants José Alberto Peña Guerrero, Donald Duarte Hernandez, Fredi Mario Rodriguez Campos and Gualberto Quesada Pedroso.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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