Orderly and compact peloton

Leopardos de Villa Clara remained the only leaders in the young Cuban baseball season after beating Ciego de Avila (9-4) and Las Tunas to end their winning streak five times, on a day when the clash between Russia and the U-23 team. which will take part in the Games in Alba.

Right-hander Alain Sanchez (6.0 INN, 2CL, 4H, 5K) led Ramón Moret’s team to their sixth two-loss championship win, and individually his 92nd success of his life.

In that game, besides the fact that both teams played without errors, Azucarero’s pitching did not bring a single ticket, and this is news in a series of such low quality as the current one.

Only one team, Sancti Spíritus, has already won the mid-week sub-series, beating Industriales for the third day in a row in Latino. The winner was Jose Luis Branas in the relay (5.0 INN, 2H and 1K).

Also this Wednesday, a friendly series against the Russian team started in Moron. According to some reports, our team won the first of eight scheduled games with a score of 12:1. Marlon Vega won and Carlos Monnier landed a full clubbang.

The same set of players under 23 will represent our country in fifth place. release of Alba games, from 21 to 29 April in Venezuela.

Receivers: Andri Perez (MTZ) and Leonardo Montero (VCL). Infielders: Yasel Perez (LTU), Carlos Rodriguez (LTU), Christian Rodriguez (VCL), Heifer Rodriguez (PRI) and Adrian Perez (MTZ).

Gardeners: Carlos Monier (SCU), Darian Palma (GRA), Dani Oramas (CFG), Daniel Gonzalez (SSP) and Dairon Montalvo (CAV).

Launchers: Alex Guerra (SSP), Dorbis Navarro (IJV), Marlon Vega (MAY), José Ignacio Bermudez (MAY), Randy Cueto (VCL), Alexandre Valiente (GTM), Enier Fernandez (GTM) and Luis Serpa (CFG). Directed by: Julio Cesar Alvarez (VCL).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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