Cuba at the Alba Games with a large delegation

After a hiatus of 12 years, the Alba Games are back on the competition calendar to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas through sport.

Therefore, a multi-sport competition with a start date of April 22 and a closing date of the 29 of the same month at this minute is an event that keeps the Cuban sports movement in iron training.

“The goal of our delegation of 409 people, including athletes, coaches, delegates, medical staff and referees, will not be to win the games, but to prepare for the meetings in San Salvador and Santiago de Chile,” he said. José Antonio Miranda, Director of High Performance of Inder, at a regular meeting hosted by the governing body of Cuban sports and the trade press.

At the meeting, which was also attended by Ariel Sainz Rodriguez, vice president of Inder, it was indicated that the Greater Antilles will come to the sports festival in the Venezuelan states of Caracas, La Guaira and Miranda with 265 athletes, divided into 138 men and 127 women, who will participate in 24 disciplines.

The Games in Alba, for the fifth time, will bring together 11 countries that are members of the Alliance, and a Russian delegation with 48 athletes will arrive as a special guest, who will participate in seven sports.

As announced at the meeting, the flag presentation ceremony for the Cuban delegation will take place on April 15 at Havana’s High Performance Center, Cerro Pelado.

During the conclave held at the Ciudad Deportiva Coliseum in the capital, Cuba was also informed about qualifications for both the Central American Games in San Salvador and the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, both events scheduled for this year.

Currently, a total of 412 athletes (209 men and 203 women) in 25 disciplines have confirmed their presence in the Salvadoran city; although the number of announcements has recently increased with the advent of racquetball, a sport that has just received new tickets for the Central Caribbean Fair for both genders.

However, according to José Antonio Miranda, the number of athletes visiting San Salvador is expected to rise to around 500 as judo, athletics and swimming need to be included, the latter two being classified by ranking.

Cuba, to qualify for victory in the Central American Games, must get around 124 gold medals, which is a difficult task if we take into account the strength of Mexico, a big favorite to lead the medal table; However, the goal of the Creole delegation will be to take one of the first three places in the medal table.

The importance of regional competitions also lies in the fact that on the territory of El Salvador in 12 disciplines quotas will be provided for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, a tournament in which our country has already guaranteed participation for 126 athletes (64 boys and 62 girls), but it is expected , which will eventually raffle between 250 and 280 tickets.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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