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Marathon Varadero successfully completed last weekend in the resort of Matanzas.

Skaters from all over the country took part in two days of pure adrenaline, the second edition of the competition, which this time included speed competitions in the 100 meter sprint, ten, 20 and 40 kilometer marathons; in addition to activities in the specialty Inline Freestyle and, as part of this, jumping and speed slalom, as well as skatecross.

As expected, the members of the Cuban national team in this discipline appropriated all the laurels laid in the dispute; led by its main figure in the women’s division, Adriana Cantillo from Havana, who eventually won the women’s event, and in the men’s event, Héctor Caballero of Camagüey won the prize in the speed test.

For their part, in the men’s long race, the podium was filled with skaters Diane Millan, David Quintero and Jesús González, in that order.

As soon as the curtain of this new edition of fair Yumurina is closed, Jr spoke exclusively with 18-year-old Dayan Millan Nunez about this new achievement, his time at the World Figure Skating Games held last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and his immediate and future ambitions in the sport he has been involved in for nearly a decade.

The Cuban long-distance runner will use all his skills and experience to represent Cuba at the upcoming games in Alba. Photo: Provided by interviewees

The athlete from the capital added this victory in the city of Matanzas to those that he achieved throughout his fruitful sports career, among which the titles of the national champion in the categories 9-10, 11-12 pioneer, 13-15 schoolchild stand out. and young people aged 16-17. Everything is at the household level.

Last year, he also added his first trophy as a national long-distance starter and finished second in the 2022 national selection. However, he keeps his bronze medal the most in the 42km test of the Havana Skate Marathon. , where we saw how he resisted world champions Jota Bolanos and Alex Kujavanta until the very finish line.

“My first international experience was in Colombia, where I managed to qualify Cuba for the 2023 Pan American and Central American Games in a distance modality. There I was fifth in the Ibague marathon as a youngster competing with older athletes. Later, World Skate (International Federation) invited me to the World Cup in Argentina, competitions that took place from October 24 to November 13 last year, ”said the newcomer, who joined the team at the age of 15.

“The best result that I had at these games in Buenos Aires is seventh place. It was a very strong and extremely demanding race, but above all it gave me a lot of experience as competing all over the world with such good athletes will always be the best school to learn strategies that I am sure will help me in my sporting career.” , demarcated the boy, now a resident of the municipality of Artemis Bauta.

Dayan was only nine years old when he received a gift from a relative that changed his life forever. Almost immediately, his physical qualities and skill prompted the speed coach of the main Cuban team, Yuri Rodriguez La Rosa, to invite him to take up this difficult sport, in which he developed primarily as a long-distance runner.

“My modality is figure skating and as part of that I specialized in long distance racing because from an early age we learned that I had very good resistance; In addition to that, in particular, I really like these long distance races, although I have never refused to run shorter distances, ”explained Millan Nunez.

After participating in the Varadero marathon, the local runner will step up his preparations to take into account the rest of the events that are expected this year, mainly for the Central American Games in San Salvador and the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile. in which Although Cuba has places to participate, the names of our representatives have not yet been determined, so Dayan must continue to fight to get one of these positions.

“One of the meters of these appointments was to be the qualifying championship, which was scheduled for March, but it was postponed. Now this month, I will be attending the Dawn Games, which will also serve as preparation for the continental games for which we are preparing very well, with a team fully focused on achieving our goals, both individually and collectively, ”the young man announced.

Finally Diane, a long-distance runner, can’t talk about his success in figure skating without mentioning the contribution of Tony Garcia Acuña.

“Whenever it comes to Cuban figure skating, Tony’s name should be underlined. He is a great role model for all skaters in this country, as an athlete and as a person. He knows how to give excellent advice and personally helped me a lot in my sports career. He’s an idol,” he said.

For Dayan, putting on his skates will always be a source of endless joy, as he claims to enjoy every moment spent with them, although he also enjoys spending some free time with his parents, whom he considers his greatest motivation.

The boy from Bauta, a student at the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Education and Sports, has a long career ahead of him and dreams of realizing himself in the coming years. He assures that it is best to become a medalist in a major international tournament.

Who knows if the opportunity is closer than he imagines.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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