Ian Nepomniachtchi wins his first FIDE World Championship match

ASTANA, 10 April. – This Sunday in Astana (Kazakhstan) the World Chess Federation Championship (FIDE, according to the French abbreviation) started. This is the first match for the world title in the last decade without the presence of extra-class grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

While there is no reigning champion, the challenger from the previous world title match has returned. Using his experience, preparation, and the stated anxiety of his opponent, the Chinese grandmaster Ding Liren, in the first game (Sunday), grandmaster Yang Nepomniachtchi managed to create concrete winning chances by putting pressure not only on the board, but also on the clock.

Move 27.Qf4! de Nepomniachtchi brought the Russian closer to victory, since White’s subsequent invasion of the opponent’s queenside could not be prevented.

However, subsequent moves, including 31.f4?!, lost most of the advantage. After some twists and turns, a queen exchange on move 37 paved the way for a draw, although the draw was not signed until move 49, according to Chess.com. The second game will take place this Monday, April 10th.

I didn’t really prepare anything yesterday because I struggle with my feelings and emotions, but in the opening, I think I played pretty well,” Ding Liren explained.

This Monday Nepomniachtchi won his first victory in the FIDE World Championship match with black pieces. He beat Ding Liren in 29 moves and three and a half hours of play to take a 1½-½ lead.

Supergrandmaster Levon Aronian commented on the social network Twitter: An exciting start to the World Chess Championship in Astana. Ding’s long absence from competitive chess is visible both physically and from a chess perspective. No wonder he spends little time at the board. Rest rooms act as a refuge during such stressful times. Dean wobbled in the first game and collapsed in the second. This match as a competitive show is over, another Twitter user exaggerated.

Two representatives of the most traditional chess schools are contesting the crown that Carlsen has left unoccupied. Nepomniachtchi and Liren meet in a duel of 14 games. The winner will replace the Norwegian player who has ruled for the last ten years.

Ian Nepomniachtchi, 32, and Ding Liren, 30, were the top two in the Candidates Tournament and the current numbers 2 and 3 in the international rankings. Hotel Regis Astana in Kazakhstan has become the venue for a highly anticipated match in search of the greatest challenge in world chess.

Magnus Carlsen, who held the world number one spot for 12 years, gave up his title defense and thus ended his reign last October after alleged disagreements with FIDE. For the first time in the history of this game, a Russian and a Chinese will become rivals in determining the world title. World Championships, officially recognized by FIDE, have been in operation since 1886.

The fact that a Chinese grandmaster has made it to the final and is fighting for the title of world champion testifies to the huge interest that this event will generate in China. I believe that we have a great opportunity to popularize chess on the Asian continent, – said FIDE President, Russian Arkady Dvorkovich.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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