Cuban Rhythm at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

Cubans Gretel Mendoza and Isabella Rojas arrived yesterday at the headquarters of the 2023 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where they will face some of the best in the elite, according to digital website Jit.

Under the guidance of coach Neli Ochoa, both spent more than a month training base in the Russian resort of Sochi. From there, they moved to the capital of Uzbekistan to continue testing the latest changes in their programs. The coach confirmed that her students will compete in four individual events (hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs) with the goal of completing their performances with as few mishaps as possible.

“They have been training very hard during these weeks and the programs have been edited with a high degree of difficulty. We are now most interested in assessing their evolution. They need to compete so they gain a lot more confidence,” explained the experienced coach.

Particular attention will be riveted to Gretel, the main figure of the Cuban team. With his talent, he should lead the group for the closest international events such as the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador in 2023 and the Pan American Games in Santiago in 2023.

“In mid-March, after participating in the Russian Championship, Gretel’s starting marks rose by almost two points. Now he will have the opportunity to test these new exercises in competitions,” Neli explained.

He also announced that he expected his best scores in ball play, although he did well on film in the aforementioned foray.

According to the organizers, tomorrow they will compete in the qualification with a hoop and a ball. A day later, qualifying matches of the remaining shells were scheduled. The competition will conclude on Sunday with all finals, which will feature the top eight performers in each modality.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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