Arrows point to Santiago

Since last Tuesday, the best representatives of Cuban archery have taken part in the Merengue Cup, which is held in the Dominican Republic. There, three men and an equal number of women are competing for the recurve archery team quota at the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in 2023, in a modality that offers the greatest opportunities for our representatives.

Similarly, two compound archery athletes and two other archery athletes compete, although the priority for athletes and coaches is precisely to ensure the collective presence of Cuba in a recursion in which she already has the guarantee of having two tickets to the competition. personal participation in regional all-around.

The delegation consists of the following members: Hugo Franco, Juan José Santisteban and Javier Vega complete the male part of the recurve recurve, while the female part is made up of Maidenia Sarduy, Yaylin Paredes and Liduveinys Sierra. Among the men, Franco from Pinar del Rio has already guaranteed participation in Santiago, while the woman who will represent the island has not yet been determined, since the position is for the country, and for Cuba it was won by Elisabeth Rodriguez, who asked for her suspension from the Cuban sport at the beginning of the year.

It is the absence of the one who has recently been the main figure in this sport that is an important ballast when evaluating the options for the composition coached by Vladimir Kvintas. In any case, the originator has ratified Jr that the girls are keeping a good spirits in the Quiskey lands and hope to fulfill the goal of getting one of the two contested tickets.

On Tuesday, the members of the Creole retinue completed their official training session, and yesterday there was a double 70m run. The decisive day to determine whether they can return to the Greater Antilles with their wishes granted is tomorrow, the 14th.

“Yesterday Franco’s lead was the best and Maidenia was fourth, but since the Brazilians already have places, this position is improving. We finished first in the men’s competition and fourth in the women’s competition. This means that we will open the organizational structure against the Dominican Republic, and in the second case, in the event of a victory over El Salvador, I think this will be decisive,” Quintas commented via WhatsApp to our newspaper from headquarters.

In the compound bow modality, the picture is different, because although Aismari Breijo and Omar Sabido are young men with great potential and promise, they both had to adapt very quickly to the characteristics of this modality after the losses suffered by others in recent months. more filming. Appointment Quisqueyana will provide a single individual ticket for each gender.

Meanwhile, Leidis Posada and Ariel Alejandro Hernandez are aiming to get the necessary training in this Merengue Cup to qualify for the Parapan American Games, which they will safely enter as they have earned the right to last tournaments in optimal fitness. In this task he is led by the great Juan Carlos Stevens.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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