Vegueros and Gallos, co-leaders of Cuban baseball

If the top is shared, then so is the basement in the 62nd season of Cuban baseball, and there is no position with no more than one team, as a reflection of the existing parity when the second third of the calendar is played.

After beating Ciego de Ávila 20-1, Legnadores lost 7-0 to Cienfuegos this Friday, pushing Las Tunas down from the top and Elefantes, Industriales and Granma into the bottom of the standings.

Now the leaders of the standings are the teams from Pinar del Rio and Sancti Spiritus, the victimizers from Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba, respectively.

Vegueros patiently waited for Bulls starter Luis Macias (5.0 INN, 1CL, 3H, 4K and 5BB) to finish his job to start from the bullpen and change the score until the final score was 9-3.

The victory went to Branlis Rodriguez (6.1INN, 1CL, 4H, 3K and 5BB), who was supported on the offensive by Lazaro Sanchez (3-1, 3CI), Luis Pablo Acosta (4-2, 2CI) and Tylon Sanchez (4-2, pair curly braces, 2CI).

The Roosters left the Wasps in the extra-inning with a couple of rounds in the tenth inning, which ensured the success of one of their main pitchers, Yankiel Maurice (2.0 INN, 2K and 1BB), with a score of 8-7.

In that game, Rodolexis Moreno went 3 of 6, triple and 3CI), Alejandro Escobar hit a home run and drove two, while Frederick Zepeda went 2 of 3, with his career 440 pipes, and drove with a run. .

In a sign that we are in an unpredictable tournament, Leopardos de Villa Clara thrashed Matanzas 13-2 for the first win of his career for rookie Osdani Rodriguez (5.0 INN, 2CL, 5H, 2K and 2BB). At-bat, Luis Dario Machado, Mylon Thomas Alfonso and Yuri Fernandez produced 3 of 5 with a double and a full back stick each, with Mylon making the difference by scoring four tries.

In a lost cause, Anibal Medina hit a home run and Yanmihel Perez conceded.

Artemisa continued her inspirational pace with a great comeback against Industriales. The Blues took an early 6-0 lead, but the Hunters were deadly in the seventh and eighth innings as they stepped on the rubber seven times to take the score to 12-6.

Catcher Andy Cosme (2-1, HR) and Osbel Pacheco (4-3) hit four runs per capita, while Dayan Garcia continued his good campaign and hit two goals, including a home run, seventh in the series.

Indios de Guantanamo scored two points in the ninth chapter to break the embrace of six with which they defeated Mayabeque 8–6. Talented Yeudis Reyes (2.0 INN, 4H and 2K) signed the win, though Eastern rookie Luis Angel Mejias (6.0 INN, 2CL, 4H, 2K and 4BB) deserves the credit.

One of the season’s top hitters, Luis Giron Hechavarria, went 2-for-5, both off-base doubles and triples, and sent two runners into the rubber.

Ciego de Avila was better than Holguin 7-5 with a fourth save from Vladimir Garcia (1.1 INN, 1H, 1K), one of the leaders of the competition, and a home run from Oswaldo Vazquez, who also hit the pipe and went three runs.

For the Cubs, Edilse Silva also hit the ball and reached 194 points in his career.

Finally, the situation with national champion Granma remains difficult. They lost to La Isla 5-6 and are now tied in the rear.

The talented Jonathan Carbo (5.1 INN, 1CL, 4H, 3K) became the first pitcher to reach four hits, while Kendry Hernandez delivered a fourth block (2.0 INN, 1H, 1BB) to share the lead in this important line with Vladimir Garcia.

Yasmani Viera and Alekskemer Sánchez scored and drove four runs each, only the first team had a happy ending, while the second team had the opposite.

This Saturday will continue the fourth sub-series.

At a press meeting today, Friday, it was reported that Santiago slugger Osday Silva and Pinero pitcher Jonathan Carbo took home the second sub-series best player award, dominating three votes: the popular, the press, and the National commissions.

Nominees for an award for their performance in the third match were also announced. These are forwards Frederic Cepeda (SSP), Pavel Quesada (CFG) and Lázaro Emilio Blanco (PRI), while among the pitchers, Yunieski Garcia (ART), Nikel Cruz (MTZ) and Ailai Sotolongo (CFG) claim the award.

Popular voting is carried out through the page

Table of positions: PRI and SSP (10-6); LUT (9-6); MTZ, GTM, ON (9-7); SCU, ART, CMG, IJV (8-8); CAV (7-8); HOL and MAY (7-9); IND, GRA and CFG (6-10).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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