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Two broomsticks tossed


The end of the fourth sub-series saw the first draws of the current Cuban baseball campaign, with teams from Artemis and Ciego de Ávila picking up five victories over Industriales and Holguín, respectively.

The Hunters finished off the Lions with a five-round package in the eighth inning to turn the tally and ruin the birthday of Michael Taylor, who previously led the tournament ERA and left the score for the Blues, with a 7.0 INN job. 4CL, 7H, 2K and 2BB.

Historic closer Jose Angel Garcia saved his first game of the season and has 289 for a lifetime.

The people of the capital will never forget this sub-series in which they got three knockouts in a row, two of them super knockouts, and the last one was also a perfect game, and suffered the loss of their most devoted fan known among baseball fans. like Veneno, the victim of a heart attack on Saturday night after returning from Artemis.

For their part, the Tigers also passed the broom to the Cubs. They first dominated a close clash with a 6-0 score, then billed for a complete 5-2 cleanup of the pair that propelled them dizzyingly up to the front group in order.

Arnaldo Rodriguez (6.0 INN, 6H, 3K and 1BB) and Liomil Gonzalez (3.0 INN, 3K and 1BB) signed a win and save respectively, helped by home runs from national team players Raul Gonzalez and Oswaldo Vasquez, 109 and 135 points in their career.

In the farewell match, there was also a successful tandem from the box: Alberto Marrero (6.0 TIN, 2KL, 4L, 1K) and Vladimir Garcia (1.0 TIN, 1R), who reached five blocks, leading the tournament, and his 79 in his life.

Tuesday results: CAV 6-HOL 0, CAV 5-HOL 2, ART 9-IND 7, PRI 6-CMG 5, MTZ 1-VCL 0, IJV 3-GRA 2, MAY 5-GTM 3, SCU 5-SSP 2, LTU 21 -CFG 11.

Position table: PRI (13-7), LTU (12-7), MTZ and ART (12-8), KAV (11-8), SSP, SKU and IYAV (11-9), VKL, GTM and MAY (10-10 ), CMG (9-11), GRA, HOL and CFG (7-13), IND (6-14).

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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