The Art of Good Vegueros

Even without strong talent pools like Jorge Fuentes and Alfonso Urquiola, Vegueros de Pinar del Río brings the National Series to shine year after year, and this time it was no less.

Under the reins of power for the third year now, Alexander Urquiola, son of Don Alfonso, they again find themselves at the forefront of the order, despite the fact that half of them barely entered the field: 11 recruits, and nine scored only one season.

It is also known that coaches Juan Charles Diaz, Luis Giraldo Casanova and José Manuel Cortina, who can make a big contribution to Cuban baseball, are in training and permanent advisory services.

The Vueltabajo’s top three pitchers currently, Livan Moinelo, Raidel Martinez and Frank Abel Alvarez, only appear nominally on the team as the streak coincides with the Japanese league campaign, as well as Frank Luis Medina, another one of his safest cards. on a contract overseas, but the team managed to reinvent itself and now, during the first third of the championship, batting has taken on a bigger role.

These are the ones who hit the most home runs before yesterday’s game (20), led by Yasser Julio Gonzalez, Frank Gonzalez and William Saavedra, who has 157 full clubs in his career. Overall, Pinar del Río ranks among those that produce the most extra hits.

This trio of hitters, along with Jorge Rojas, leads the way in shooting, all over ten, and they also have good numbers with batman Juan Carlos Arencibia and Luis Pablo Acosta.

The pitching team has two experienced pitchers and a good set of tools to control opponents: Bladimir Banos and Earley Casanova, although wins are distributed among eight pitchers and the coaching staff have concerns about bullpenwho has only saved four games so far, when that has traditionally been one of Vegueros’ staff strengths.

Although the average earned run is high: 5.32, with a WHIP of 1.69, this has nothing to do with the history of the teams in this region, there is a fact that also helps explain how they achieved a positive balance of games won and lost. with a negative mileage differential (105 CA and 113 CP, not counting the game on Thursday) and is one of the best in the championship in this indicator.

This indicates that pitchers are forcing hitters to create a lot of infield connections perfect for getting out even though the defense wasn’t as tight (.966), which is below average.

No matter how many sensitive losses he has, and we are also in a campaign with a lot of parity between the teams, with a low overall quality trend, almost all predictions include Vegueros in a select group of eight qualifying for the postseason.

They have made it clear time and time again that in baseball you win with the names, but also with the guerrillas if they are able to act as a team. And in this they continue to be masters.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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