Cuban Pelotari Target Santiago 2023

The Cuban Basque pelota team is currently participating in the Pan American Tournament in this discipline, aiming to fulfill their quotas for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile.

Qualifying competitions, which began on April 17 and will last until April 22, are held at the Villa María del Triunfo sports complex in Lima, Peru, and are attended by delegations from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala , Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, Cuba and host country.

In total, 117 athletes take part in the duel, who, according to the competitive program, were to take part in 174 games, 60 in frontball, 35 in ratchet and 79 in a 30-meter pediment.

According to information published on the Facebook page of the Peruvian sports federation Paleta Frontón, Cuba will play a major role in four semi-finals, which will be held in the women’s front, the rubber ball in both sexes and in the men’s frontball.

According to the publication, the girls’ team, consisting of Wendy Duran, Daniela Darriba, Laura Alvarez and Yalieska Leoncio, made it into the top four front-line teams, taking first place in their Group B, and will defend the passage to the final against Argentina.

Another duel between gauchos and Cubans is expected in the semi-finals of the men’s rubber, in which the duo of Alejandro Gonzalez and Alain Aguirre will fight for a ticket to the title fight of the Greater Antilles. Meanwhile, their counterparts Duran and Darriba will do the same against Costa Rica.

For their part, the duo of Cristian Abreu and Dariel Leyva, after an impeccable performance in the preliminary round, in which they scored four victories, will move on to the dispute for medals with their counterpart from Venezuela.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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