Last sprint for the title

The end of the season is getting closer and closer, just like in the Final tournament of the 107th. National Football League than across the ocean, where the so-called “big five” leagues are beginning to enter the defining phase of one of the most atypical seasons in football history.

In the Greater Antilles, two of the ten tournaments that will determine the overall champion have already been completed, with Havana (six points) currently leading the classification as the only team to have won overall.

Recently, the people of the capital scored an important 3-0 victory over Cienfuegos (three points) in second place in Apertura, which put them in the middle of this competitive squad, which is now third in the table.

Meanwhile, Guantanamo has four units and remains in second place after beating Matanzas 4-0, a team that, after finishing a good opening fight, lost in the second part of the season and even failed to score goals in their two matches. presentations.

Alert but a little rushed, Santiago de Cuba (two) and Holguin (one) remain, a duo that must close the gap as soon as possible if they are to fight for the title in this very short fight.

In Europe, there is not enough fabric for cutting

While there are three tournaments that already seem completely certain, there are two other Old Continent major league tournaments that promise a lot of “confusion” before the final date.

In Germany, with 29 games out of 34, Borussia Dortmund (60) now beat Frankfurt and are in the lead after Bayern missed (59) against Mainz. Right now, the Aurinegros are depending on themselves to be crowned and break their 11-year streak without a championship.

England is another hot country. Arsenal (75), top of the table almost all the time, added three draws in a row and gave life to Manchester City (70), who are two games short (30), including a special duel against gunners which could very well mean an absolute turnaround in the Premier League’s final result.

Italy, Spain and France seem to be sung. After 31 games, Napoli (78) need to beat Salernitana and Inter need to beat Lazio (61) to celebrate. scudetto next weekend. In case this combination doesn’t happen, it seems like a matter of time when partenopeia lift the Serie A title, their first in over three decades.

Barcelona (76) is almost the monarch of La Liga, primarily due to their strength and solidity in defense (they conceded only nine goals in the entire tournament), and also because Real Madrid (65) had one of the grayest seasons recently. years and have long ceased to fight for the crown won last season.

From France, more of the same. With six games left in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain (75) looks unbeatable and only a miracle/disaster will allow Marseille (67) or Lance (66) to snatch the trophy that the Parisians should already have made room for. in their offices.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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