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At the start of the season, we posted a vacancy with the players who had the best chance of signing career all-time records in this series, and even some of them who have the opportunity to lead the rankings for life. What happened in the first third of the calendar?

The biggest bantam, Frederic Zepeda, overtook Michel Henriquez (437) to become the new tube leader with 440. However, he shouldn’t sleep very comfortably in this position because Yordanis Samon is in 429th place, which is a hit that is easy for the man from Granma who is currently playing with Camagüey.

Another of the Bulls, Alexander Ayala, is looking for another double to add 300 and eight missing Ariel Sanchez for the same historic amount.

In terms of hits, Danel Castro continues to increase his record and already exceeds 2430. No one else has reached 2400, and his companion among the active ones is Cepeda, who reached 2300 a few days ago. Yunier Mendoza, also from Espiritu, he has 25 hits. from the same round shape as his teammate.

Samon has surpassed 2200 this season and Islander Luis Felipe Rivera was three hits short of 2100 ahead of Game 2 this Wednesday. Las Tunas’ Juniesky Larduet fulfilled his goal by completing a thousand hits.

In terms of RBIs, the double encounter between Cepeda and Danel remains and this emulation will continue as long as they play. Both started the season with 1321 and have 15 RBIs.

Cepeda is third to score 1400 points in the Cuban championships, but he is still far behind Enrique Diaz (1638) and Omar Linares (1547).

As far as home runs go, Edilse Silva should hit five out of two hundred, but the race to hit the next 100 is getting interesting: Dayan Garcia comes from behind with nine and adds 93, Yorbis Borroto continues with 91, and Jurisbel Gracial moves on. 90.

José Angel Garcia, the all-time record holder (289), barely saved one game, but one who seems happy to return to his original role is Vladimir Garcia, whose seven saves put him above 80, the eighth to reach that number of blocks.

In such an offensive campaign as this, we will see that we have prepared for us the remaining two-thirds in these “balancing” figures for history. Can Erlis Casanova win six games to reach 100?

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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