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Elite league or non-elite league?


After much debate last year, the final league of the Cuban baseball season was played with more uncertainty than certainty. It also had the XXL size name for the S body.

The most predictable thing happened: little spectacle and a tournament that didn’t leave the kind of quality balances expected for a league, and even more so if it’s called elite.

What to do now? In my opinion, there are three options: keep the same formula, return to one that attracts the audience to the stands, or cancel the League until the conditions for its implementation with a management model that guarantees spectacle and quality in the same tournament .

At this point in the National Series, the players should already know what to expect, what their likely future is, and with that in mind, the sports authorities should certainly evaluate what to do to inform as quickly as possible.

In particular, the previous format never seemed promising to me. The times when various provinces were synergistically united into a team do not correspond to today’s organizational realities of the country.

Without logistical support capable of centrally supporting an event of this magnitude, the lack of articulation of will between territories would have affected the project. The tournament was also not liked by the fans, who showed themselves more actively in the final.

Based on these arguments, I think it would be nice to rethink the league. The alternative of canceling it does not seem reasonable to me at such a difficult time for Cuban baseball, since what is most needed is play and play.

What remains is the format option for the first six reinforced teams in the National Series. This option guaranteed fans, entertainment and territorial identity. An improvement in quality compared to the national championship will always be provided with any option that reduces the number of teams.

But I don’t think it deserves to be called an elite league. Let’s keep this name (and not the last name) until the financially managed winter tournament is so dependent on state and central appropriations.

In the current scenario, it would be best to have a single championship in two stages, as it was before. The initial phase is without reinforcements and may even have its own reward, and the other with armor. A kind of opening and closing tournament.

I don’t think a league that can change teams every year is very healthy or serious.

After all, this is not official, but information has already been leaked that Cuba will not be invited to the 2024 Caribbean Series in Miami. So there is no urgency in presenting a representative for this competition.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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