Argote won three titles

The great hero of the very last day, corresponding to the 5th. The ALBA Games were undeniably weightlifting, all thanks to the struggle to achieve leadership in the sport, with weightlifters from Cuba, Venezuela and Russia currently leading the way.

According to the results this Thursday, Cuban Osmel Argote won convincingly three gold medals in the 55kg category, with scores of 100kg in the snatch, 125 in the clean and jerk and 225 in the biathlon total. The fight is published on the website of the tournament, which takes place in Venezuela.

According to the protocol of the competition, in the 55 kg category, it was the owners Diego Fuentes (98, 118 and 216) and Angello Solorzano (97, 115 and 212) who guarded our representative on the podium.

The girls had competitions in the 44 and 49 kg weight classes, in which Cubans Talia Castillo and Francesca Simon won three bronze medals each, raising their weightlifting medal count to nine on the first day of the competition.

other golden notes

Wrestler Yusnelis Guzman in the 50 kg weight category won the first gold medal of the Cuban delegation in women’s wrestling. Her compatriot Milaimis Marin Potrille later imitated her in the 76 kg weight class.

Meanwhile, Roxana Gomez and Lisnady Veitia took the podium in the 400 meters in the track and field competition, which continued on Thursday.

For their part, the Cuban women’s saber team won the gold medal due to the lack of duels between women’s foil and men’s épée; Meanwhile, table tennis has added two silver medals for teams of both sexes to the tournament.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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