Titans take command

The cast of Guantanamo became the new leader of the final tournament of the 107th. The National Football League after beating their Holguin counterpart 3–0 on the third day of the tournament and thus reaching the figure of seven units.

The so-called titans smiled like locals on the Roberto Mora site, where scorers Alexei Zuasnabar, Isael Vega and Pedro Bravo stood out. Thus, the team from Guazo moved up to first place and continued to bury the team from Holguin, who could not carburete and scored only one point in three outings.

Meanwhile, at Pepe Suarez in Matanzas, both at home and in Havana did not go beyond a goalless draw, the result is not in favor of either side. On the one hand, despite having achieved their first streak of battle, those from the city of bridges are still at the bottom of the table, while Leone, who had previously been in the lead, remained on seven points and saw how the Guantanamo side side surpassed them. by the best goal difference (+7).

Another team that has so far failed to get out of the pit is Santiago de Cuba, the reigning champion of Apertura, who recently lost 1-2 away to Luis Pérez Lozano in Cienfuegos. Although the Red Devils took the lead thanks to an early goal from Rolando Abreu (2), at the end of the first half, Alejandro Delgado for the Mariners and at 54 years old, Yoelvis Armenteros gave a decisive advantage to a southern team that struggles with everything that needs to be discussed. championship.

For the next round, the most interesting match is Cienfuegos-Guantanamo, which will be played in the home of the first and can change the alignment in the standings.

The clash between the Havanans and the indomitable at La Polar will also be very interesting, while the underdogs Holguin and Matanzas will be looking for a balsamic victory that will help them change their negative dynamic that they have been so far.

Table of positions: Guantanamo (7 points), Havana (7), Cienfuegos (6), Santiago de Cuba (2), Holguin (1) and Matanzas (1).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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