Havana continues to lead in the Clausura tournament

The Havana team retained their lead in the final tournament corresponding to the 107th National Football League, defeating the always difficult eleven from Santiago de Cuba at the La Polar stadium in the capital.

The Lions benefited from a solid group game that culminated in the failure of the indomitable Karel Pérez, own goal scorer in 69th, to give them the three major points of their career towards the title. Now with 10 stripes, the Blues secure another week at the top and hope to close the first round of the championship in this manner.

Meanwhile, in the match against Luis Pérez Lozano de Cienfuegos, the Mariners also added three points due to an opponent’s mistake. The unfortunate player on duty was René Maleblanche, who scored the only goal of the day in his own net in the 35th minute. Thus, the southerners reached nine units and were left to wait for the capitalists in the absence of a match in order to complete half of the calendar.

Finally, in the duel of koléros, Holguín’s team did not spare the Matanzas and crushed them 4:1, finishing fourth in the standings ahead of the “red devils”. Allan Perez (5), Marcos Campos (8), Julio Daniel Rodríguez (51) and Cristian Valiente (64) scored on the east flank, while Carlos Rafael Amores scored on the west flank (75).

On the fifth day of confrontation, there will be Holguin-Cienfuegos, Guantanamo-Havana and Matanzas-Santiago de Cuba, with the locals always coming first.

Table of Clausura tournament positions (date 4): Havana (10), Cienfuegos (9), Guantanamo (7), Holguin (4), Santiago de Cuba (2) and Matanzas (1).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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