Cuban wrestling will go all the way to Santiago de Chile

Wrestlers from the Greater Antilles managed to fulfill their quotas for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile by qualifying in the three missing divisions during the recent continental tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they also had five gold and three silver medals. and seven bronzes.

On the second day of competition, Maria Fernanda Santana (62 kg) placed eighth in her weight, but this is how she got the sixth and final ticket for the women’s, where they had already confirmed their tickets at 50, 53, 57, 68 and 76 kilograms.

Filiberto Delgado’s students won one title and four bronze medals. The first place was taken by Milaimis Marin in the 76 kg weight category, and the third place was taken by Yusnilis Gusman (50 kg), Laura Herin (53 kg), Angela Alvarez (57) and Hangelen Llanes (68 kg).

For his part, the freestyle under Prof. Julio Mendieta took away the two tickets he expected on the last day, after Alejandro Valdés closed silver in the 65kg weight class and Reineris Salas (125kg) secured fifth place.

Valdes surpassed (65 kg) Dominican Albaro Camacho in punching and superiority Jacob Alexander (Canada) and Sebastian Rivera (P. Rico). Title lost to John Diacomichalis (USA, 1-4).

Olympic medalist Reineris Salas beat Chilean Diego Almendras (10-0), but then failed to beat Venezuelan Jose Diaz (1-4) and lost bronze to Jamaican Aaron Johnson due to injury. Immediately after that, the athlete, nicknamed “Gymnast”, announced his official retirement from active sports.

In the men’s free program, the winner was Yurieschi Torreblanca (86 kg), Arturo Silot was second in 97, and two bronzes went to Santiago Hernandez (57 kg) and Franklin Maren (74 kg).

The men of Greco-Roman wrestling, who were the first to close their competition, were undoubtedly the most successful thanks to their three crowns, one silver and one bronze. The Gold Metals were named after Luis Horta (67kg), Daniel Gregorić (87kg) and Oscar Pino (130kg), while the subtitle went to Josvanis Peña (77kg) and Kevin de Armas (60kg) added third place. Only Jurisandi Hernandez (97 kg) didn’t make it to the podium.

After this tournament, the gladiators will continue their preparations for the next Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador (June-July), where they aim to maintain the primacy also established in Barranquilla 2018.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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