First on the tatami

No one doubted Japanese favoritism ahead of the start of the World Judo Championships, which started this Sunday in Doha, Qatar. Moreover, to predict otherwise on the eve of such a strong event would be madness for any expert or lover of this martial art.

For now, the guys from the Land of the Rising Sun have shown their expertise and are threatening to extend their dominance of recent years to another top level tournament like this world event, which is also a harbinger of what could happen next year during the Paris 2024 Olympics. .

Cuba comes to this competition with the aim of getting at least one medal, as happened in the previous edition, in which the title won by Andy Granda from Matanzas gave him the opportunity to take a good step in the overall medal ranking. In past editions of our paper, we have analyzed the path leading to Doha, with a season that, without too much fuss, left encouraging results for the main figures in the yard.

Especially the men led by Julio Alderete have in the triad Magdiel Estrada up to 73 kg, Ivan Silva (90 kg) and Granda (+ 100 kg), who have the most opportunities on the Qatari tatami, although the girls of Yordanis Arencibia have the best ace up their sleeve: multi-winner from Artemis Idalis Ortis, weighing over 78 kg.

The Cuban tour in the world event will start on Tuesday when Magdiel and Arnaes Odelin (57kg) will take to the mat. Magdiel is second this season at the Pan-American Open, held a month ago in Varadero, fifth at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv, and her best result is a bronze at the Grand Slam in Tashkent. Odelin, for his part, won both the competition in Varadero and a similar one a few days later in the Dominican Republic. He is currently ranked 19th in the world rankings.

Estrada will open the competition against Behruzi Khojazoda of Tajikistan, while Arnaes will make his debut against Sarah Leoni Cizik of France.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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