Jorge Cuellar wins the world boxing championship again

Cuba maintains its undefeated status at the 2023 Tashkent World Boxing Championships thanks to a second win by young Jorge Cuellar, the sports website reports. STRIKE.

The 71-pound Sancti Spiritus man was a nightmare for South African Simnikwe Bongko, who earned the 5-0 vote that opened the door for him on Tuesday when he faces Ecuadorian José Rodriguez.

The devastating jab cleared the way for his long-range strikes, delivered from a distance determined by technique and good movement that neutralized the momentum of a smaller opponent who was always trying to get close to him.

“I feel much better because now I have more confidence in my work, which is good,” he said, heading to the dressing room assigned to his team at the impressive Humo Arena in the Uzbek capital.

“I was able to stay focused on what the coaches told me to do what was necessary against an opponent shorter than me, basically throwing a lot of straight balls,” added Cuellar, who highlighted the atmosphere in his team.

“The mood is upbeat and those with more experience support those of us who debuted at an event like this,” he commented, equally pleased by the many messages received from the island and his family’s continued support.

This Saturday, Cuba will also depend on two of its symbolic fighters: Roniel Iglesias (67kg), who will make his debut against Dominican Johnny Fernandez, and Lazaro Alvarez (63.5kg) against Brazilian Yuri Dosreis, who will be his third fight here.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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