Cepeda, news again

When the season ends, it will be necessary to reconsider how many times Frederic Zepeda has been on the news. A few days ago, he took over the lead in the Tubeyes rankings, and now he is in command of the total number of bases covered (TB) in hits, leaving Orest Kindelan behind.

El Gallo Major made history this Wednesday when, on his last bat, he hit Artemisa and scored 3894, one more than the indomitable Drummer Major, who had been number one on this exclusive list for many years.

Cepeda started the campaign with 3836 and with 58 tie-ups to yesterday’s fourth game of the sub-series, he has moved up to first place.

He will no doubt be the first to hit the 3,900 covered bases mark, as he will soon also reach 2,000 bases in received balls, which is the leader in this section.

In the historical ranking of tuberculosis, Omar Linares (3842) is third, followed by Antonio Pacheco (3700) and then Danel Castro (3660).

Of the assets in the top ten, there is another one: Yordanis Samon (3379), according to Benigno Daquinta’s stats files.

What a great Cepeda. It will always need to be respected. His name, which I missed so much in Team Asere, is one of the icons that has never ceased to bring prestige to our baseball.

Cuba and the Champions League

This Thursday, the Cuban Baseball and Softball Federation (FCBS) revealed that the Champions League, a tournament organized by the WBSC, will begin in 2024 and will see Cuba compete with the National Series of the Year champion before each event.

Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, President of FCBS, assured that the head of the national campaign currently being played will travel to the first fair.

However, at the suggestion of the press, estimates will be given regarding the group that should take part in the promotional Champions League tournament from September 28 to October 1, 2023, which will be held in the Mexican city of Merida.

Thursday results: ART 12-SSP 2 KO, LTU 4-IND 2, VCL 12-GRA 7, CMG 11-GTM 5, IJV 10-CAV 5, MTZ 11-MAY 3, HOL 4-SCU 3, PRI-CFG (sealed).

Position table: PRI (20-13), ART (20-14), SKU (20-15), IYaV (19-15), LTU (18-15), MTZ (19-16), KAV (17-15), HOL (18-16), MAY (18-17), SSP and VCL (17-17), GTM (15-19), CMG (15-20), IND (14-21), CFG (13-21) and GR (13-22).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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