Silva, one step away

Nothing can be blamed on Ivan Silva after his failure with a bronze medal in the 90kg weight category at the Judo World Championships, which will take place until next Sunday in Doha, Qatar. The Matanzas man saw his medal dream shattered the moment Japan’s Sanshiro Murao projected it as the fight was already dying in the golden rule and scored a fleeting ippon.

Prior to this outcome, three other Creoles who walked on the tatami mats of the ABHA arena in that city were defeated in their first appearances. Thus, Silva’s fifth final place, which was also highly hoped for medals, represents the best of Cuba so far in such a strong and prestigious competition.

Jumurino successfully opened against the Frenchman Maxime Gael Ngayap Khambou and continued his transit in the standings with a smile on Murad Fatiyev from Azerbaijan. Then his first setback would come to Italy’s Christian Parlati, although his playoff presence had already been secured. On this occasion, he was better than Noel Van Thie End of the Netherlands, also on the fast circuit, before the aforementioned failure in the third-podium decider.

It is worth clarifying that the 90 kg division is one of the most difficult in the entire world judo arena, but even so, Silva showed excellent physical and technical preparation in order to overcome opponents with an excellent pedigree and move along the thorny path to discussing medals, which confirms that the Cuban belongs to world elite. His result offers him a good number of points for the universal ranking for the Olympic qualification. Only final fatigue prevented him from finishing in the best place.

Another representative of the Greater Antilles yesterday was Idelannis Gomez, weighing up to 70 kg, although luck turned away from her from the very beginning. An inconsistent draw lost to her rival Anka Pogačnik from Slovenia, to whom the 21-year-old athlete lost to vazari avasete ippon.

Today Lister Cardona, 100 kg, will enter the ABHA Arena mattress for Cuba. His first appearance will be in front of Harry Lovell-Hewitt of the UK. In case of success, the Kazakh Nurlykan Sharkhan is waiting for him, who remained Bye. Tomorrow will be the day of the biggest expectations from Island with Andy Granda (+100kg) and Idalis Ortiz (+78kg).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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