Iraqi fencers refuse to meet Israelis at the World Epee Championship in Istanbul

The Iraqi Fencing Federation today confirmed the refusal of its representatives to meet with the Israelis in the individual knockout round of the World Epee Cup, which takes place in Istanbul, according to Türkiye, PL reports.

The fencers withdrew from the individual competition after learning of the whereabouts of one of their athletes in a qualifying group with an Israeli opponent, the agency told the Iraqi News Agency.

This position confirmed solidarity with the Palestinian cause and refusal to normalize relations with the occupying Tel Aviv government in accordance with the law of the Iraqi Parliament.

Ali Hussey was drawn into the 20th group with Israeli Grigory Beskin, and this fate entailed the removal of the Iraqi team, which also included Hussein Salim, Muntader Al-Zaidi and Mohsin Abbas.

The Istanbul competition, which scores points towards the Paris 2024 Olympics, will continue this Saturday with a group medal dispute, with the Iraqi representation competing against Denmark.

The position taken by the Iraqi team mirrors that of other Arab athletes this year, such as Algerian boxer Yousef Yaiche and Lebanese sprinter Mazen Shreim.

At the beginning of the month, Yayche withdrew from the fight against the Israeli Ishchenko Kapuler in the 1/8 finals in the 71 kg category and ended his participation in the Tashkent World Championship with a victory for the Palestinian cause.

In March, Shreim did not compete in the 200m semi-final at the World Championships in Athletics in Torun in protest of the presence of Israeli Asaf Malki.

Out of a commitment to justice, respect for the state decisions of their countries, and loyalty to the Muslim faith, athletes from Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Egypt considered Israel with the tatami, the ring, and the treadmill to be a usurping and occupying regime.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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