Cuba failed to beat the world champion, but there are still options

The Cuban under-12 baseball team couldn’t take on the United States today, the reigning world champion and three-game undefeated Premundial based in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and lost by knockout 14-4 in five innings.

It was a very tough game for our team, who couldn’t get a single corner from a strong North team and added ten innings of runs after they started Saturday from scratch against Panama.

There are six innings of games in this category, and in addition to serving, the defense of the Cubans was also not tight, today they made five mistakes.

The Caribbean only landed four hits, including a home run by Yondel Cárdenas, the only one to hit two. Miguel Estrada failed.

After this result, the students of Prof. Raul Rodriguez have a balance of a win forfeited against the Dominican Republic and a pair of losses suffered at the hands of Panama (12-11) and Sunday. However, they still have options to take one of the four positions that secure spots at this year’s World Championships in Chinese Taipei.

Tomorrow our team will play with Puerto Rico, the team that also defeated Brazil (12-1) by knockout in the third round.

Panama also eliminated the Dominicans (14-3) and local Mexico also maintained an unbeatable pace, beating world No. 2 Venezuela 15-8.

Based on three competitive dates, Mexico and the United States (3-0) lead the standings, followed by Panama (2-1), followed by Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, with Puerto Rico closing the order (0- 3).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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