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Young triple triple jumper Leyanis Pérez became the most outstanding figure on the field and track of the Pan American Stadium in Havana during the Cuban Athletics Cup, breaking her personal best on Sunday and, by the way, becoming one of the best in the world in this sport. The talented athlete managed to stretch to 14.80 m (m), in a test in which her partner Liadagmis Povea also finished with 14.73 m, another elite jump.

Thus, both residents of Pinar del Rio put forward their candidacies for the World Championship next August in Budapest, Hungary, and, of course, for the Central American and Caribbean Games, which will be held earlier in June, in San Salvador. A light tailwind also allowed these brands to be endorsed by World Athletics, which, if emulated at the all-around event, would have given both great chances for the podium.

In fact, the question that constantly arises among fans of the sport these days is: will Cuba perform better in Budapest 2023 than in Eugene 2022, a competition from which she left empty-handed? A lot will depend on this, namely what Lejanis and Liadagmis can achieve, as well as Maykel Masso, who managed to stretch to 8.36 m in the long jump, another world-class mark.

In the case of Lejanis, his play and the regularity he has enjoyed lately is also a warning of a promising future ahead of him as he is barely 21 years old and most experts believe he has the physical and technical . ideal to be great in sports. The trio right now has a queen who seems impossible to take the crown from, the extraordinary Yulimar Rojas, but the Cuban could claim to take that place a few years later.

She and the rest of the island’s top athletes will now have training focused on the Diamond League stoppages, which should be the decisive push to qualify for the World Cup at the best moment of the season. . The work of the coaches and managers of a discipline that seeks to restore its former glory must be directed towards this goal.

By the way, at the Cup of Cuba, the world indoor champion Lazaro Martinez finished first with a score of 16.98 meters, two centimeters more than Christian Napoles. Does it bother you that it has fallen below 17m so far in Havana? June will provide the current top member of the Cuban men’s trio with other opportunities to showcase their level. In Budapest, to fight for the podium, you need to exceed at least 17.50 m.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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