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Holguín, a team that many didn’t have at the start of this 2023 Cuban football calendar, continues another week at the top of the 107th National Football League’s final tournament with three days left before the classification closes. He is already starting to think about a duel for the absolute football crown on the Island.

The Eastern Panthers, who only have the 2005-2006 league crown on display, are having a great year that their fans dream of. Among other things, they have already been helped by the fact that they are the team that has scored the most goals in the competition, with a total of 15, a round figure that they have achieved after putting on a real “dance” in Santiago de Cuba last Saturday. .team they beat 5-2.

Against defending champions Apertura, the people of the city of parks opened fire early on their home in Turcios Lima because they were already winning in the 4th minute thanks to a goal by Leandro Pérez. Dario Pons (26) and Marcos Campos (43) later joined the group, and at 41, Eduardo Hernandez discounted the Red Devils to leave a partial 3-1 result at half-time.

During the extra period, Campos scored again and Christian Valiente also played a leading role, who scored his ninth goal of the competition in the 76th minute and reaffirmed himself as top scorer. In conclusion, Pablo Labrada (80) would put the second indomitable, who increasingly sees the possibility of fighting for a new title receding.

At the same time, in Cienfuegos, the locals scored a principled 2-1 victory over Havana, one of their direct rivals for a ticket to the final.

As in Holguin, the Luis Pérez Lozano Stadium also had a “dressing room” goal celebration as Kevin Quiñones gave the Mariners the lead on the 4th. Later, Osmin Hernandez (47) will score the second goal for the Southerners, while Osval Hernandez will make a discount for the Capitalists (69), a team that missed a great opportunity to get closer to the lead.

Finally, another of the best lineups that got it wrong was Guantanamo, who couldn’t defend the home court factor against the bottom Matanzas team and ended up drawing 1-1. Isael Vega (1) scored for the Titans and Ronny Oviedo (78 ) equalized for Atenas de Cuba.

In the eighth round of the championship, scheduled for Saturday, May 27 at 16:00, the leader Holguin will host the match against Guantanamo, while Cienfuegos will achieve three points as a guest against Santiago de Cuba, and Havana will host Matanzas.

Table of positions (Date 7): 1. Holguin (13), 2. Cienfuegos (12), 3. Guantanamo (11), 4. Havana (10), 5. Santiago de Cuba (6) and 6. Matanzas ( 6). ).

Goals: Christian Valiente (HOL, 9), Alexei Suaznabar (GTM, 7), Osval Hernandez (HAB, 7), Carlos Rafael Amores (MTZ, 6) and Samuelvis Lopez (GTM, 6).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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