Cuba won the first game at the U-12 World Cup without playing

The Cuban children’s team started with a 6-0 regulation victory over the Dominican Republic, an opponent who did not appear on the field, on the opening day of the Pan American Under-12 Baseball Championship held in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

After the technical conference, the calendar was adjusted because Colombia withdrew at the last moment and our opponent on Saturday will be Panama. The Dominicans, for their part, will start the duel.

In other results today, Venezuela beat Puerto Rico 21-11, while the reigning world champions, the United States, far outclassed Brazil (16-1), while the Mexican hosts worked hard to beat Panama 5-4.

The second date billboard is updated with matches between PRI-RDO, MEX-BRA and VEN-EUA. Depending on the changes in the competition schedule, our team will then play against the USA (21), Puerto Rico (22), Brazil (23), Mexico (24) and Venezuela (25).

The discussion of medals has also been changed, on the 27th there will be a cross semi-final (1-4, 2-3) and the next day the winners will play for the title and the losers for bronze.

The top four places will take their places at this year’s World Championships in Chinese Taipei.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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