Cuban Baseball Forward and Midfield Tensions (+Position Chart)

Artemis’ win, Santiago de Cuba’s loss and Mayabeque’s suspension saw the trio lead the National Series, albeit with different averages, while pressure increased in midfield.

The Caçadores took their sixth straight win by beating Pinar del Rio 6-2 with an effective start from Miguel Laera (7.0 INN, 1CL, 8H, 1K and 2BB) and Dayan Garcia’s thirteenth home run, one home run behind Santiago’s Osdea. Silvia. This was the fourth setback for the Vegueros who left the qualifying area.

On a day that marked the start of the last third of the regular calendar, Matanzas managed to break the tie in the ninth inning against Cienfuegos and, with a 7-6 win, was a game and a half behind the Platoon Leaders.

From there, the situation is more tense and any result causes changes in the standings, both for those above the equator and for those teams below or sticking to the hot zone.

Spiritus Roosters stung the Avians 4-2 and took them out of the top eight. As they say: there is no worse tankette than the same suit, it was the Tigres player Fernando Betanzos (4.2INN. 1CL, 3H, 3K 1 BB), who achieved success against his former team, who helped thanks to Janielkis Duardo’s tenth save and Duniesky Barroso’s home run.

Villa Clara beat Holguín 8-4, a game won by left-handed reliever Pedro Manuel Castillo (4-2INN, 3H and 3K). Veteran Yeniet Pérez hit the circle with his stick and Yurien Vizcaino drove three runs.

For their part, Las Tunas kept their embrace with the Leopardos after whitewashing Guantanamo Bay (8-0). Alejandro Meneses (7.0 INN, 5H, 2K) left the Indians with no arrows and Yordanis Alarcon hit his fourth home run of the season.

With the same score, Industriales got rid of Camaguey, and while the Lions continue to recover, the Bulls are going to the slaughterhouse.

Andy Vargas (7.0 INN, 1H, 3K and 2BB) continues to show his potential as a starter and has signed his fourth quality start in six starting games. Walter Pacheco, 4-3 and two trailers, led the Blues.

And the current champion carves out the differences. This Monday, he fell victim to Santiago de Cuba 7-2 thanks to the work of Cesar Garcia (6.0 INN, 6H, 4K and 2BB), Guillermo Aviles’ tenth home run and the setting of Osvaldo Abreu and Julian Milan, both 5-3, in the case of second with two ICRs.

Table of positions: ART and MAY (29-20), SKU (30-21), MTZ (27-22), SSP (26-23), HOL (26-24), ON and LTU (25-24), CAV (24–24), IJV and PRI (24–25), IND (24–26), GRA (23–28), CMG (22–29), CFG (20–29) and GTM (18–32).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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