We are one step away from conquering LSB again

Capitalinos got more than expected during their visit to the Alejandro Urguelles multi-purpose hall, where they beat the local team from Santiago twice this weekend and were thus just one win away from capturing the Major League Basketball (LSB) crown. Almost all algorithms favor the Havanese, and even more so now that they start playing this Wednesday at their home in Ramon Fonsta. If they win, they will get the title in eight years, if they lose, the fourth game will take place on Thursday.

On the two debut challenges of the decisive stage and what could happen in the next gamerebel youth He spoke to Hector Martinto, one of Reinier Muñiz’s team’s top five scorers against the Indomitable, with 20 points.

  • A victory in Santiago de Cuba would have been a good result, but the Capitalinos grew and won both matches…

Most experts say that in short playoffs, it’s very good to start by dividing the guests. However, we left Havana with the goal of winning both games. It will be very difficult, Santiago is a great team and it is always difficult to beat them at home, but we were sure that we could do our job. Thanks to the great work of all the players and members of the technical team, we achieved these two important victories, which put us one step away from winning the LSB again eight years later.

  • The game shown by you as guests suggests that the finale will end in the third clash, in a big way.

Right now we are focused on only one thing: to finish the final on Wednesday on Ramon Fonst without any relaxation or confidence. It won’t end until one of the two teams has won three games, so we’ll go all out for that game, just like we did in the Alejandro Urguelles room. We want to celebrate with our fans the long awaited crown that we have been waiting for a long time.

  • The distribution of attacking duties in the final was one of the positive aspects of the Havana team.

Our biggest strengths in those games were the same as in the regular season. In the final, we were quite good defensively, with a distributed attack and, above all, maturity and calmness shown at the most critical moments of the games, every time Santiago beat us or made a draw.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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