Details of the return of Cuban goalkeeper Larisa Pagan

The return of Larissa Pagan to training with the national archery team is one of the most promising news that the discipline has brought since qualifying for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile. The 35-year-old Artemis veteran, with her return to the ring, in addition to the competitive genes and effort that have always characterized her, brings a dose of camaraderie that other members of the team have appreciated since the news broke. A few weeks ago.

Information about his return, which appeared in early May of this month, was also a breath of fresh air in preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games, which he will not attend, but was able to serve as a guide. for the triad consisting of her friend and colleague in years Maideniya Sarduy, as well as Liduveinis Sierra and Yaylin Paredes, who make up the team of the island.

“It encouraged me to come back to be able to participate again in the activities of the international elite, and in turn it was useful, from my point of view, to help in teamwork with the goal of Central America. I want to emphasize that the time before this competition has been very short since my return and obviously I still have physical debts,” said the goalkeeper rebellious youth.

However, for the Pan American Games, the preparation period will be longer, since there are months left before the start of this competition, for this reason Pagan is optimistic about his possible inclusion in the Cuban team that will participate there, and assures that he will fight at least once for the quota , as systematic phased preparation is required to get into full sports shape.

“It was a pleasure to shoot again with the experienced Maideniya Sardui and the new figures of Yaylin and Lidu, as we affectionately call her,” she admits, and at the same time warns that “in fact, everything is new, different in this return, but the reception was superb and impressive from day to day on the shooting range.”

“The passion I have for the sport is bigger than me, I have never been able to put my hands off archery and this opportunity presents a great challenge. I feel very good and every day I cope with the physical activity that our coach Vladimir Quintas prepares for us,” adds a member of the team that won bronze at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara.

Exactly Quintas also said Jr the meaning of Pagan’s return: “The return of Larisa depends on the situation in which we lost Elizabeth Rodriguez, our main figure, and we also have problems with working with the lower categories. Pagan is one of the best athletes I have worked with, competitive, very willing, she has been asking me for her comeback for a long time and we decided to give her the opportunity.”

“It takes very little time, but the amount of work he has mastered is impressive, something counterintuitive that speaks of its quality. The resources that I could give him are not the best, with arrows that have already been dropped, but with those that he started and despite the fact that he still lacks it, because he has a physical debt, I think that from now until Pan the American Games will bring him great benefit to the team. My assessment is very good, based primarily on his character, ”said the Cuban national team coach.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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