Cienfuegos, new leader of the Clausura

The 107th National Football League Finals standings table goes through more changes than a top model during a lavish parade. Week after week, the leader changes and now, with eight dates completed, Cienfuegos is a team that deserves to be at the top until at least Wednesday, May 31st, the day the ninth round is played.

The Mariners stormed to the top after defeating Santiago de Cuba at home in the always challenging plaza that is the Hero City’s Antonio Maceo Stadium. Orlando Delgado in the 6th minute and Dorgi Rajadel in the 42nd minute from the penalty spot were the scorers last Saturday afternoon and thus allowed the southerners to score 15 points, which was unattainable for their rivals for a moment.

While those from the “Pearl of the South” climbed to the top spot, the “Holguin Panthers”, hitherto in first place in the standings, were dominated by the boys from Guantanamo who, visiting Luis Pérez Lozano, supported them with “a small hand ”, which caused them to lose their privileged position and fall to the third cell.

Isael Vega opened the scoring with 25 and was then joined by backups Alexei “El Loco” Suaznabar (33, 36) and Samuelvis López (77, 81) to push Guazo’s team up to second place.

Finally, Havana stayed in the advanced zone, beating Matanzas 5-2 in La Polara. Hair Zayas (13), Alnardi Ramirez (33), Osval Hernandez (34), José Perez (45+1) and Yuart del Pratt (90+4) celebrated the victory in the capital, while Calvin Castellanos (39) and Carlos Amores (55 ) scored goals that saved the honor of Cuban Athens.

After such results, only Cienfuegos, Guantanamo, Holguin and Havana now have a chance to compete for the title, while Indomitable and Matanzas have already said goodbye to the race for the absolute national football title.

On the penultimate day, Diablos Rojos and Leones will clash in the former’s house; Matanzas will receive Holguin on the land of the provincial EIDE; while the field 13 Norte del Guazo will witness the duel between Titanes and Marinero.

Position table: 1. Cienfuegos (15), 2. Guantanamo (14), 3. Holguin (13), 4. Havana (13), 5. Santiago de Cuba (6) and 6. Matanzas (6).

Goals: Christian Valiente (HOL) and Alexei Suaznabar (GTM) (9), Samuelvis Lopez (GTM, 8) and Osval Hernandez (HAB) (8) and Carlos Amores (MTZ; 7).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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