Path of stability

There comes the sharpest turn on the imaginary track, which is a yearly sports calendar: the Central American and Caribbean Games are just around the corner for athletes, and the World Cup in Budapest in August is getting less distant every day. And in the midst of such a panorama, the agenda flips one meeting after another, with stops interspersed with the Diamond League.

The keyword of the group of Creole athletes who will take on the most important challenges of 2023 is stability.
Only this will lead him to another, even more urgent goal: to progress and achieve better results in the most difficult competitions.

A few days ago, for example, in the Italian town of San Vitolo, high jumper Luis Enrique Zayas made the jump of his life. He jumped more than 2.31 meters on a built-in rod, which is one centimeter higher than his personal best, and thus dispelled the doubts of those skeptics who considered him “stuck” at the age of 25.

But there is still room for improvement. At the Diamond League stop in Florence/Rome, he scored an acceptable 2.28 meters. Thus, he is one of the athletes who achieve during
last weeks long awaited
stability. He has the ability to even surpass that 2.31m ahead, a record that could put him right in the fight for the supposed all-round podium.

In Italy, in addition to Zayas, a flock of Creole athletes compete these days. Last Sunday in San Lucca, Lejanis Perez finished 14.65m in the triple jump, which, given his recent results, may not seem like much, but speaks of his constant development, as well as the ease with which he succeeds overcome the mark of 14.60 m. from behind. m
usually. At the moment, she and Liadagmis Povea are the two best triple jumpers in the world.

In the transalpine country, including San Lucca, this has surpassed
podium occupied by the natives in the long jump with Maykel Vidal with the most worthy record (7.92 m), although they must win in centimeters to qualify for the corresponding things in the world elite, but this should be enough for them at the Central American and even Pan American level .

June should bring several tournaments in which the most famous figures of the king of sports on the island will enter the track and field, as well as the so-called “second line”, which, although it will not have many aspirations in the Hungarian universal fight, is intended to contribute to the regional multi-sport events .

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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