Rafael Alba maintains a good position in the world rankings after the close of the World Cup

Last Sunday, the XXVI World Taekwondo Championships 2023 ended in Baku, Azerbaijan. The competition, which was attended by about 986 athletes from 22 countries, tested their skills on mattresses since May 29 in search of a podium. in 16 men’s and women’s categories awarded medals.

The tournament had country winners in South Korea (3-1-0), Turkey (3-0-3) and Croatia (2-1-3), meanwhile Brazil and Mexico with a silver medal and one bronze, the United States with silver metal and Colombia with third place took the best places in the Americas.

For the taekwondo athletes in attendance, this bout was key in their intentions to qualify for the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, as it allowed them to add important classification ranking points to the summer competition, which will end in December 2020. this year.

Despite the fact that Cuba did not participate in the world event, the current planetary and Olympic list keeps two-time Cuban universal champion Rafael Alba in the outposts. According to the official list of the International Federation of this discipline, the man from Santiago in his +80 kg category is sixth in the world (217.72) and seventh in the Olympic Games with a combined score of 217.42 points.

As for women, Tamara Robles is in the best position with a total of 64.20 units, which puts her in 23rd place in the world ranking at 53 kg; while he appears in 52 Olympics with stripes of 72.42 but at 57 kg.

After the results of the Baku championship, where the main rival of Alba, the Mexican Carlos Sansores, the current number one in the ranking, once again won a silver medal, his third at this level, everything is ready for a new confrontation between the Aztecs and the indomitable, since both are declared representatives of their countries at the Central American Games in San Salvador, a destination where taekwondo provides for activities on the territory of the Dominican Republic.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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