Skaters will return to the Havana Skate Marathon

The 2023 World Masters Speed ​​Skating Championships, which will take place on December 10, will take place on the famous Havana promenade, a place in the geography of the capital that will once again bathe in a sea of ​​skaters for seven kilometers. a loop.

This was recently reported by the Cuban sports publication. Strike in their online edition, where they also explained the details of the competition approved by World Skate and the Cuban Skating Federation, with the always needed support of Inder and the Olympic Committee of the Greater Antilles.

According to the announcement, a calendar has been prepared that will start on December 8 with the celebration of the technical meeting, the course inspection and the opening ceremony, leaving a day off between the participating athletes. Get ready for the tests. in which you will see how they roll for 42 kilometers and 195 meters in particular.

It is known so far that there will be no country restrictions for the registration of skaters in the fight, the precedent of which is the 2022 Havana Skate Marathon, a successful event that, as we recall, was held last December on a track identical to the one that is now announced.

In this case, the top leader of the organization that governs world figure skating, Italian Sabatino Aracu recognized Cuba’s strength in the sport, so it’s no surprise that Havana was chosen to host a new world-class fight.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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